Thursday, August 9, 2012

No no room

We have one room Brad cannot be in by himself. Of course it is the only room that he wants to play in and it is right next to his room.
We keep all our computer/ office stuff in there, plus all my craft stuff. ( I didn't realize how much craft stuff I had till it was moved into this small room.
At first Brad wasn't allowed in because of the sheer volume of wall to wall piles of books and crap. ( the unpackers really didn't do us any favors in this room.)
Never the less he escaped in there a few time.. Which ended in disaster. Over the last few weeks Brad found, opened, and emptied a bottle of diamond glaze, a bottle of sealant, a bottle of purple sparkle nail polish ( poured on my office chair) and a trial package of liquid fabric softener.
That room smells so weird right now!
I was quite frustrated each time I found brad with these products spread across his legs and the carpet.
Two days ago he squirted the fabric softener on the floor and I decided that was it. I've spent the last two days organizing and kid proofing the room
I found brad spreading crinkle paper around today. Grrrrr. At least I didn't need water and carpet cleaner to fix it. Just a vacuum.

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