Friday, July 23, 2010

Off -Friday Fun

It is time to baby-proof our house. Bradley can now crawl around and pull up with ease so I guess we had better start limiting his access to certain things. This weekend we started with the entertainment center - which used to be a coffee table. Luckily Ikea had just the sort of system and size we needed. Next we'll need to cover the fireplace and gate off the stairs. Otherwise we are pretty good. Though if even a hint of a cord is showing Bradley will find it.

While Dad put together the new entertainment unit Bradley and I played around.

Then Dad mowed the lawn and we played with the puppy!
Then we all sat back to watch the Braves game.
It was a pretty fun off Friday for the family.

On a side note... He is wearing half 12 month and half 9 months clothes right now. These baby clothes are driving me crazy! It is a good thing I checked out the 12 month-ers because some of them are smaller than the 9 month ones!
"Thanks for the monkey pjs grandma D. I finally fit them!"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

8th Month Fun

I just offloaded my Rebel camera and had to share some of the cute Brad pics.
I must say that this has been the most fun month to date. I loved watching Brad test the limits of gravity in his attempts to pull up, crawl, and scoot!

Doesn't he look like Spiderman!

We watch the Braves with Daddy nearly every night. I think it must be boy bonding time because they both love it and I don't get it. It is baseball!!!

This is Dad's fave outfit. Overalls are so cute on kids.

Brad and his Seymore Snake!

Since Brian has been working hard at work and devoting lots of his time to his church calling, it seems like the time he gets to spend with his family is special. Everything seems like so much fun when Dad is with us, plus Dad wants to go do lots of fun things when we are together. So there have been lots of dinners out, lots of hikes, many braves games at home, and lots of fun side adventures like to the zoo and babies r us.
During the rest of the 20 hours a day I spend with Brad we have been playing with blocks, various noisy singing toys, a new set of duplos, crawling around with a spoon or camera, playing with the puppy, baby-proofing, scrapbooking, crafting, working on that crazy ward cookbook, making pillows, working on personal progress, and altering lots of pajamas (HE IS TOO TALL FOR 9 and some 12 MONTH JAMMIES!)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fourth of July - Observed

Brian has been working pretty hard during the week. So when the weekend comes he is in the mood to play hard. Which also means he gets crazy whims and since I'm an indulgent person I'm up for them.
On saturday we devoted our free time to an Eagle Project. Sunday was the 4th and we visited some friends for dinner and fireworks. And so Monday was when we finally had time to play as a family. We loaded our fishing gear, packed the camp stove, stopped off to pick up some bratwurst (thank you Heidi for the inspiring idea), and hit the road.
An hour or more later we came to the cool fishing spot we had been searching for only to read rule number 3 - NO DOGS- on the giant list of rules posted in front of the lake. Then I noticed rule 2 - NO WADING. What kind of lake is that???

So we flipped around and drove another half hour to our favorite camping spot- Cloudland Canyon.
We grabbed a sweet spot under the trees, spread out the blanket, and cooked up some lunch.

There was much lounging.

And playing.
And crawling.
And then there was the hiking...

Don't worry. Nothing too bad this time. Down the canyon to see the tiny waterfalls. And then back up up up a couple hundred stairs. (I heard some kids behind us counting as they walked down and they were at 600 something partway down.)