Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stupid Basketball Announcers

I imagine that most of my posts on this blog will be rants... well here is my first one:

One of the most annoying things in all of professional basketball is commentators misusing the term differential. For those who don't watch basketball, at the ends of quarters, announcers will often say something like, "There is a 4 second differential between the shot clock and the game clock." In this case, they are trying to point out that the game clock is 4 seconds off from the shot clock (for example-> game clock: 22 seconds, shot clock: 18 seconds).

Now, anyone with a grade school education knows that the correct to term is difference. Anytime you subtract one number from another, the result is a difference.

Using the term differential here actually makes absolutely no sense. They might as well say that there is a 4 second banana. By using the term differential, they are claiming that the rate at which one clock counts down is different than the rate of the other (sorta...), which clearly isn't true.

Okay... so this probably seems stupid to some, but after hearing this term used multiple times during every basketball game I've ever watched... I am officially annoyed.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Monkey Cupcakes

Saturday was my ward's annual talent(less) show. Not being very involved in my ward, I thought that I would sign up to bring two dozen cupcakes. At the very bottom of the cup cake form I noticed it said something about decorating them... So I thought, "I know, I can use oreos as monkey ears," and didn't think too much more about it. Three hours before the program started I began baking my cupcakes. And luckily two hours later brian came home and helped me madly decorate my 24 monkeys. These are the left overs. All but 5 were eaten, which is actually impressive because there weren't that many people there.

After all that, I now have 15 extra, un-frosted, cup cakes. And a whole lot of oreos, frosting, and M&Ms (which I didn't end up using for the eyes because they looked really creepy).

Today Brian must have felt creatively inspires cooking-wise, because we had the most delicious dinner ever. Salmon on the grill-top, Parmesan shallot risotto, and asparagus.

I hope they have salmon in the south, I will really miss it otherwise.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Does this remind you of a member of the Daniels family?

I'm here too!



I didn't intend to create this blog today at all. In fact, all I was doing was looking at border collies online and clicked onto a blog. Then somehow I got here. It is amazingly easy to get one of this with a gmail account. I didn't have to put any info in other than the blog name and url. Good think there are only 20 or so other people in the world that have my last name... so it was available.

Well in a few months Brian and I will be moving to Marietta, Georgia! On Tuesday we will fax the official acceptance and begin the whole process of preparing to move. Luckily we have already visited and found a good apartment that accepts pets. We also have a deposit on border collie that we will get in July (with any luck). You can check out our breeder's website at:

The June litter was born last week and there is already a movie up on the site! (This breeder is serious about her pups!)

(I have no intention of making this blog any prettier than the template currently is.
Yea I know I'm a graphic designer... so consider this the junk food of graphic design. )