Sunday, September 22, 2013

September was a Big Month

Summer ended. You would never know it based on weather changes though. It is still in the 90's, and thank goodness it isn't in the 100's any more!!

No, I know summer ended simply because Preschool started!! Bradley is still attending the Palmdale Parks and Rec preschool program as a Blazing Comet this year! (3-4 ages) He seems to love it and begs to bring his lunch every day.We still carpool with Sam and Seth (twins), which Bradley really enjoys. He is in the phase of life where he recognizes what friends are and he desperately wants to have them. But his communication skills are still pretty behind other kids in his class and this makes it hard for him. I think it is good for him to be around Sam and Seth and find friendship with them.

Every time I herd three preschoolers and Luke into the classroom I gain more and more respect for the Becks (whom have way more than just the twins!). I struggle with my two kids, and preschool mornings are always a good trial of patience and creativity. How can I get all three boys to listen? And not ignore, hurt feelings, or kill any of them in the process. It is a balance that is good for me to work on.

We also started a new basketball season! This is Bradley's second time in the 3-4 YMCA bball program. It is much more organized this season, and well Brad is a few inches taller which helps with the shooting. Man Bradley is still a little spaz. But he has a little more patience in waiting for his turn. But then when he doesn't get his way there is a huge pouting episode until someone ushers him down the court. Oh well. That's why we do it right! To learn to be on a team!

Go Purple Machines!!!!