Monday, April 27, 2009

Hawks Game

So better late than never. Here are some pics from the Hawks game Brian and I went to. We sat in the sixth row, and it was soo much fun!!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Congrats Scott & Meredith! This is Oliver, the newest addition to the Saponas & Skeels family! I'm soooo excited for them. Puppies are so much fun, but so much work. Oliver is already bigger than Portland, they're in for a one big dog!

My next dog is sooo going to be a black lab. So adorable.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009


Does your dog send you messages? Today when I came home from church there were some odd things on the ground. First, a pair of brian's shorts had been pulled into the middle of the room - unharmed. Second, a strange plastic cap had been severely chewed and a few remnants of chewed paper lay near the shorts. Third, a silver chain was buried in the covers of the bed.

Upon further searching i found one slipper in the closet, while the other was by my bed, and my night stand was oddly clean. I quickly realized that the objects missing from my nightstand were the necklace (pictured below) and my chapstick. Sadly the charm of the necklace, and the stick part of the chapstick were never found. I can only assume she got hungry... or angry. I don't think it is good to have a dog who is smart enough to know who to punish when she is unhappy.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Georgia is different from other states I've lived in. Bugs, weather, religious openness. But ever since I was a kid, I assumed that if you had cable tv you could watch Conference on conference weekend. Conference is the bi-annual broadcast from the leaders of our church- which is usually broadcast on normal cable. Georgia however, despite the fact that schools aren't allowed to hold wednesday after school activities because it would interfere with youth church activities, does not offer a channel that is willing to broadcast conference for us. If you want to watch it on tv, then you can order BYU tv via satellite. Not an option for our tree covered house.

So last fall, after flipping around the channels for a half an hour, Brian and I resigned to watching conference on the computer. Luckily for the rest of the non satellite world, the church has a live video stream, which isn't that bad if you don't go full screen. But crowding around a little laptop for two three hour blocks on saturday and sunday seemed tiresome. So we got a puzzle and listened, and watched at a distance. This worked out pretty well.

So when conference came around again in the spring, we were prepared. Brian hooked up his laptop to the big tv and speakers, and we broke out one of our 3-D puzzles. Pictures follow.

While Portland found it annoying that she couldn't run through the center of the room at will, she did not interfere much. Unfortunately after each house was put together they were put in her herding path. As we had deprived her for the two previous days from herding the couch/front stairs/dinning room path, she was rather excited when Brian started chasing her. Just as I was photographing our success, she ran through the house I put together. Brian told her she did a good job and continued the chase while I cleaned up.

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Saturday, April 4, 2009


I used to think that thunderstorms were so cool, definitely not scary, and never lasted long enough.

Then I moved to Georgia, and moved to the highest geographical point in the area. It only took one thunder storm for me to realize that they don't play games here. And the second, third and fourth proved to fry various electronic equipment and set off our apartment alarm which we didn't know we had. My favorite storm began rather slowly, so I sat out on our deck to watch the flashes in the distance till Brian told me that was a stupid idea and made me come inside. Within twenty minutes a bolt struck a few numbers over. Needless to say, it was the most frightening, deafening sound I have ever heard. Half the house alarms went off in the complex, basically all the car alarms, and as I had nothing to sit on since our furniture hadn't arrived yet, I could easily feel the ground shake as the bolt struck.

Since last summer, we have moved to a lower point, and now live in a beautiful house. I also thought that summer was the only time I had to worry about thunder and lightning storms. Apparently, spring thunder storms aren't as fierce, but they last much longer.

I woke up a few nights ago at 2:30 am to my room being filled with light, and hearing loud claps of thunder in the distance. Despite my best efforts, all I could do was lay there and count the seconds between the flash and the thunder like I did when I was seven in Utah. An hour later I went back to sleep.

I love Georgia, but not for the thunderstorms.