Sunday, May 29, 2011

Red Top Mountain

So around this time, one year ago we took a little hike
I am proud to say that this year's "first hike of the season" was much more successful!

We went 15 minutes up to Red Top Mountain and hiked their Homestead Trail. Beautiful!! It is a 5.5 mile trail, and 1/3 of it follows along some of Lake Allitoona. 
Bradley rode in the kid backpack again, and he really liked it. Brian complained more than Bradley did this time. 
We hiked for 2.5 miles or so and decided to sit down and have our lunch- we packed sandwiches from Panera, how rugged of us. After a half an hour of Dad saying, "We are almost there Brad, we just need to find a place." We sat our selves down on the ground - which was rugged! After our sandwiches we walked around the bend to find a lovely bench which we could have eaten at. Predictable, oh well.

After lunch, Bradley wanted to keep walking. So we donned a Bradley pace for a while before we couldn't take it any longer and plopped him back in the backpack again. Which he didn't mind.

Don't they look SO cute in their nearly matching shirts!
Portland equally loved the hike, and proved it so by smelling every little thing the entire 5.5 miles. Brian told me I don't write enough about her in our blog and to include how happy she was on our hike.

Everyone had so much fun, it didn't rain, it didn't thunderstorm, we had a map, and we correctly followed the map. I think we will definitely go back and hike this trail because it is so close and so pretty!

Water Torture

Last night Brian was making us wonderful crab cakes, Bradley was helping of course, and Brian had a slightly clumsy moment and dropped the open vegetable oil. I should say he has been having a slightly clumsy weekend, because this was now the second time this weekend I got to clean the kitchen floors. Anyways, I offered to clean up while Brian finished making the remoulade sauce for the crab cakes. A few seconds later Bradley shrieks and Brian and I both look up to see him rubbing an eye. Then Brian yells, "Bradley, did you get Tabasco in your eye!!!"

Not pausing to ask how on earth this would happen, I grab the baby and soak a paper towel in water and begin flushing his eye out- which of course Bradley does not enjoy. After a minute or two I pause to see if I'm actually helping the situation and as soon as I let go of Bradley he calms down and appears as though nothing is wrong. I begin examining his eyes and find they look the same. Surely if you got Tabasco in your eye it would be bright red. I look at Brian and ask how Brad got Tabasco in his eye to which Brian says, "I don't know, maybe it dripped in just the right way?"
I examined the rest of Bradley and didn't find anything wrong. At this point I realized I may have given my son a little water torture for no reason. Oops.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Carpet

In the midst of the craziness of april, we got new carpet. We had a slight toilet issue last month-  nothing big, just gushing sewage onto some of our carpet. But I forgot to post some pics of our fresh new carpet!

Old carpet, empty room.
Okay, so maybe I'll elaborate on the story. Toilet practically explodes one Friday night, we spend the night in a hotel. The next day the plumber fixes it, but the carpet is still really gross, so we rip up the soaked parts. New carpet is needed. After a week of shopping, we order carpet. A few weeks later inlaws get into town. The second day of their visit I get a call that says we can either have the new carpet installed in the next hour, or we can wait 10 days for another appointment.

Cut to 30 mintuets later and we have the above and below pics.
My inlaws are so cool and literally jumped into action and helped me move all the furniture into the other room within minutes. Which was good, because the carpet guys called a few minutes later.

This is our new carpet!!
We went with Home Depot, Platinum Plus Collection, Sandy-Beach. I think it does look like a sandy beach. How soothing. It is so soft and plush to lay on, and it doesn't show dirty puppy feet!

I think it looks pretty good all put together again.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Easter Bliss

Easter day #1
 The Easter Bunny visited us! Bradley was thrilled to see so many baskets just for him!

 While no one was looking, he grabbed a candy and managed to open it no prob. This, it turns out, was his favorite part of Easter. For days afterward he kept track of the candy bowl and would point and cry at it ever time he remember it was there.

Then we dyed easter eggs! Grandma was an expert halfsie egg color-er.  Brad was fascinated for a few minutes, then he just liked trying to tip the cups over.

Day #2!
Grandma & Grandpa flew out Sunday morning, but we had a nice Easter afternoon together.

 We came home from church and began cooking our easter feast! Potatoes, ham, salads, the works! Then one by one our dinner guests called and told us they each had someone in their family that was sick and they coudn't joins us. However... they wanted to bring their food over for eveyone else.
So we divied up the food and sent most of it back home with our friends.. and then ate a HUGE dinner with the works!

 Then we had a little easter egg hunt for brad. He remembered that candy is inside easter eggs, so he eagerly gathered all the eggs up! I don't think he minded that I forgot to give our dinner guests their portion of the easter eggs. Oh well.

Happy Easter!