Sunday, May 29, 2011

Water Torture

Last night Brian was making us wonderful crab cakes, Bradley was helping of course, and Brian had a slightly clumsy moment and dropped the open vegetable oil. I should say he has been having a slightly clumsy weekend, because this was now the second time this weekend I got to clean the kitchen floors. Anyways, I offered to clean up while Brian finished making the remoulade sauce for the crab cakes. A few seconds later Bradley shrieks and Brian and I both look up to see him rubbing an eye. Then Brian yells, "Bradley, did you get Tabasco in your eye!!!"

Not pausing to ask how on earth this would happen, I grab the baby and soak a paper towel in water and begin flushing his eye out- which of course Bradley does not enjoy. After a minute or two I pause to see if I'm actually helping the situation and as soon as I let go of Bradley he calms down and appears as though nothing is wrong. I begin examining his eyes and find they look the same. Surely if you got Tabasco in your eye it would be bright red. I look at Brian and ask how Brad got Tabasco in his eye to which Brian says, "I don't know, maybe it dripped in just the right way?"
I examined the rest of Bradley and didn't find anything wrong. At this point I realized I may have given my son a little water torture for no reason. Oops.

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