Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Drawer Pull Experiments

Day 1: Failure
My recent explorations into the kitchen have been met with many new discoveries. Namely the dishwasher, the fridge, and the drawers.
Oh the world of the drawers alludes me.
Upon first discovery I was thrilled to find a cavern filled with boxes and bags, but suddenly the cavern disappeared. I must investigate further.

Day 2: Painful Failure
I was able to find my way back to the mysterious bottom drawer today. I slowly pulled it open and peered inside. But suddenly the force of my weight slammed the thing shut again! And with it went my fingers... ouch.

Day 3: Again with the fingers.
I must discover a way to obtain those bags without the painful experience of shutting my fingers in the drawer.

Day 4: Painful SUCCESS!
I have unlocked the mysteries of the bottom drawer. The secret is to extract the drawer fully before attempting to climb upon it.
At last those ziplock bags were mine! I extracted one bag and carefully examined it. A curious slippery, yet somehow sticky discovery. Suddenly, as if being pushed by some unexplainable force, the drawer began to close! Try as I might to keep it open, we both eventually succumbed to the force, and once again my fingers became lodged. Though less painful than the sudden slamming I experienced before, I was still unhappy.

Day 5: Success
Today I approached the bottom drawer with much excitement. I remembered my past experience and I would not be met with failure today! After fully extracting the drawer again, I mounted it with much ease. However that same pushing force began to close off my awaiting discoveries. Suddenly, a motherly hand appeared to turn a box sideways. Ah ha! The box arrested the drawer's closing movements and at last the drawer was mine to fully explore. I quickly began extracting bags from the sideways ziplock box and soon was surrounded in glorious plastic. Sadly the motherly force returned to end my plastic extracting fun, but we will meet again!
Next, I will explore the other end of the kitchen and with it... the Puppy Drawer!