Monday, July 25, 2011

Asian Food Sunday

Mmmmmm. Here's how ya do it.

Step 1: Marry a talented husband.


Step 2: Stay out of the way and keep the baby occupied. (We made a crown during toddler time at the library this last week. It still had some entertaining qualities on Sunday.)

Step 3: Enjoy the awesome Asian-ness. Thai Basil Noodle, pot stickers, rice.. life is good.
Happy sunday yumminess.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Red Top Mountain

We started our rainy saturday arguing about the big hike we had planned. We wanted to drive up to Amicalola Falls and spend half the day hiking the falls and enjoying the cool mountains. But with rain predicted for 3 pm I really didn't want to drive 1.5 hours just to turn around.

So we compromised with some Dunkin Donuts and Red Top Mountain (which is only 20 min away). A wonderful hike along part of the lake there.

We have neat friends here, one of them told us to keep their kid-pack till we were done with it or till they had grand kids to pack around in it. So we've been able to hike to our heart's content.. Thanks Osengas!

We met this "little" guy in the middle of the trail. Ick. It is about three quarters long and one quarter thick.

What! a real mushroom with a red top with small white/yellow spots? I thought those only grew out of question mark blocks in Super Mario!

"Hikes are the best!"

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sniff Sniff Sniff

Bradley and I are always working on our communication skills.
He just walked up to me, grabbed his diaper, and started rapidly "sniffing" through his nose...

Hmm, I'm not very good at reading "Bradley signals" but I'm pretty sure he is trying to communicate something to me.

A few months ago I started getting all these emails about potty training tips for an 18 mo old. I ignored most of them because I thought 18 months was way too early. But one caught my eye, "your toddler may be ready for potty training if he tells you he has a dirty diaper." It suddenly clicked in my head why Bradley will randomly walk around holding his diaper. I really thought he was getting a urinary infection.

So we started rewarding this behavior with M&Ms! Then two months went by and he stopped doing it. A week before our vacation he started doing it again!! So we started up with the M&Ms again and kept it going on vacation. The Grandparents thought it was so cute and were way more excited that Brad would get an M&M than he was, which I think just reinforced the idea to him. I'm pretty sure he mostly gets that poop = M&Ms. Somehow the sniffing was added for clarification.

I know what you are thinking... Won't he just start saying he has a dirty diaper just to get an M&M? Probably, but we aren't there yet. We aren't even to an M&M ever day. Some days are great and he totally recognizes when he Went. Other days he is still completely oblivious.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


So in May my WHOLE Daniels family got together and flew from the various corners of the US to go to DisneyLand together.
Sadly my camera card was shoved in the wrong compartment of a laptop and was not retrieved till after we all had gone back to our corners. Never the less, here are my fave pics from our tip. Check out Heidi's Blog for her fave pics.
Brad's Fave ride was any carousel.

DUDE, Oscar- the chef of Carnation Cafe and inventor of "Oscar Potatoes" came out and talked with us and shared his secret potato recipe with us!!

The best husband in the world bought me cotton candy. The best food ever.

Brad also really liked the Challenge Course in CA Adventure.

I heart Disney. I may even do a Mickey Room for Brad's next room theme.