Tuesday, July 12, 2011


So in May my WHOLE Daniels family got together and flew from the various corners of the US to go to DisneyLand together.
Sadly my camera card was shoved in the wrong compartment of a laptop and was not retrieved till after we all had gone back to our corners. Never the less, here are my fave pics from our tip. Check out Heidi's Blog for her fave pics.
Brad's Fave ride was any carousel.

DUDE, Oscar- the chef of Carnation Cafe and inventor of "Oscar Potatoes" came out and talked with us and shared his secret potato recipe with us!!

The best husband in the world bought me cotton candy. The best food ever.

Brad also really liked the Challenge Course in CA Adventure.

I heart Disney. I may even do a Mickey Room for Brad's next room theme.

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Eileen & Karen said...

I heart Disney too...but mostly I heart all of you!
gma Daniels