Sunday, June 20, 2010

To the Best Dad

For a few years Brian has been a puppy dad, and a very good one at that. So good, in fact, that our pup who once believed me to be the alpha of the family changed her mind and decided that Brian made a better alpha. (If you are not a dog person the alpha is the leader of a dog pack. They lead, instruct and protect the pack. Apparently I am now the "den mom" who takes care of the pack pups.)

But this is Brian's first year as an official daddy Dad! And he is such a good Dad! Every time we are out and about he takes Bradley for me so I can run around the store with both my arms, or eat with both my arms, or sit in church with both my arms. I really love using both my arms and I can when ever Brian is near.
Happy Father's Day Brian. You are the most supportive husband I could imagine. You are such a sweet and sincere father. You provide for our family, you make our home sound (especially when ceiling fans fall off for apparently no reason), you strive for excellence in your career, and serve other people freely. You are the head of our household and a wonderful example to our son. You live the standards of the gospel and worthily hold and use the priesthood.
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I hope and pray that Bradley can grow up to be just like his dad.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oregon Trip

Well, it started as a trip to Seattle, WA to see my sis & bro inlaw BOTH receive their PHDs. Pretty cool. Congrats to Dr. Skeels and almost Dr. Saponas.
After the graduation festivities Bradley and I rode back down to good ole Beaverton, OR with Tim & Lou. We've been here for nearly a week and are having so much fun. It is so good to be with family again. To hang out with my mom and go junking. To see my mother-in-law squeal ever time she sees my little Bug. To hang out in the cloud cover without 90% humidity. I love being home in Oregon. And getting to share it all with Bradley makes it feel even more like home.

Of course I miss Brian terribly. It is always easier to be the one away rather than the one left alone at home. I hope he is okay. Luckily the next trip we get to take to Oregon he gets to stay the whole time.
Grandma Lou, Great Grandma Marcy & Bradley

Great Grandma Asmussen & Bradley (This trip had a triple bonus as he got to see three great grandmas! though I only have pics of two right now.)

Grandma Daniels reading the coolest book ever to Bradley

Bradley testing out his new mini highchair/booster seat. I figured we needed one that will stay in Oregon to move between the two grandparents' houses. It just so happens this seat is rockin the Toy Story 3 theme. Excellent.