Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Last Week Was Hot

 So we went swimming. This is Bradley's most desired activity in life. For days he brought me his arm floaties. I figured when it got in the 80's it was time to go to the pool.

On Saturday the local outdoor airplane museum had their Cold War spy planes, the U-2 and SR-71, on open cockpit display commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Bay of Pigs. Um we were not going to pass up the chance to see the cockpit of the SR-71!


 One of the old SR-71 pilots was there, and so Brian sat there and asked him as many questions as possible while Bradley and I patiently waited.
 Then we had to go wander through the rest of the museum... of course. Even though it was verging on 90 degrees at this point.

 THEN we went to the Poppy Festival! (In 90 degree weather)

 Lots of fun.

On Sunday we went to yet another new ward, just for kicks, and then went hiking! 

I have to take a side note here and say that I love my religion. We have been living in a hotel now for at least a month and a half. Our little living room has a table with 2 chairs, a couch, a chair, and a tv. Our everyday, normal, is nothing compared to what it used to be, and some days this is harder than others. We sold our house on Friday, done deal, so for the first time we actually don't have a home anywhere. No address to our name. This was maybe a little sad for me this weekend.

So when we walked up to the new church building, late of course, and could hear the ward singing "How Firm a Foundation" from the outside of the building, I felt a sweet sense of "home" come over me. That song doesn't have any special meaning to me. But it was comforting to be in a place where I knew the words to the songs, I knew the people there loved me- even if they didn't know me, and I knew that the testimonies spoken that day would be as true as the ones I have heard many times in my own home ward.

Then we drove to the San Gabriel mountains and hiked on one of Brian's new trails. No, it was not one of those crazy hikes Brian occasionally takes us on.

Hiking is also one of our Sunday norms. It was so nice to have a normal day for once.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Toothpaste + Dog = water torture

Last week Bradley took the puppy into the other room and was quiet for a very very long time. Brian and I were reviewing the houses we had seen that morning and were frankly thankful for a few minutes of peace so we could talk and think clearly. Well, we paid for it. At least Portland did.

We opened the door to find the toothpaste in Bradley's hand, and our puppy patiently sitting for him as he spotted her back in toothpaste polka-dots. Sadly my pics of this are on the other camera. grr.

We quickly cleaned it all up as we giggled about the creativity of our son and didn't worry about it again. Well this week Portland seemed to be getting stickier and stickier. And the fur around her neck appeared as if it had frosting on it. So I decided it was time for a bath.

She was in complete dismay at this announcement. Bradley thought it was the coolest idea all week.

 Doesn't she look slightly upset?
 hahaha. Bradley water torture.
 As I delighted in the torture of my poor girl by taking pictures, Bradly poured a cupful of water on me. I guess it is only fair. I knew I was going to get wet, I just thought it would have happened at the end not the beginning.
He was such a good helper, and knew exactly what to do.
 She was a good girl, and stood where I told her to. She is very patient, and won't shake the water off till I tell her it is okay. She is very aware of how I feel.
We soaped her up together, and then I let Bradley continue slowly torturing the puppy one cupful at a time.

Good entertainment for an afternoon!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

x vs y

In other news... We sold our house!! 
We have just a few weeks till we close and hand over the keys! YAY!!!

So my every waking second that isn't spent tending to Bradley or exercising the dog, is spent on finding houses to look at!

Yes it is fun looking for a new home, but it is still stressful too. Brian is working in Palmdale, CA and still working for Lockheed Martin. He loves it fyi. A great move for his happiness in his career, which makes me SO happy too. But now we need to figure out where to live.

Palmdale is the edge of the Mojave desert. It has gorgeous hills to the west and mountains in the distance to the north and south. It is at least an hour an a half from Anaheim or the beach. I couldn't say that it is a small town because each block is a mile long, and you go 50 mph on all those streets. So it extends a good ways out, but the further east you go, the crappier it gets. But the snug suburbia between the freeway and the west hills is all families, stucco mansions (okay not mansions all the way around, but the average is probably 5 bedrooms per house), and all the popular shopping you could imagine.

Forty minutes over the hills to the west is Santa Clarita, a family city nestled into the hills north east of LA. It feels like California with out all the California prices. However, still spendy. People from all over the world come to live here though because it has the best schools. You drive by some of the high schools and they have sayings like, "creating the leaders of the future" on the walls of the school. The shopping is spread out, but man way cute and the kind of fun areas you want go visit because it is just fun. For those in Oregon, picture Bridgeport everywhere. For those in Georgia it is like the fun Perimeter areas. Who wouldn't want to live there right??

Arge it is just hard to choose. Beautiful affordable home in Palmdale, close to Brian's work, and family friendly? Or fun, trendy Santa Clarita with super schools, but small expensive houses and 1.5 hrs of commute time every day for Brian? Both are beautiful but in different ways. Both are family friendly. Both are still near LA and the fun stuff to do there.

However there is a significant difference in home price.
Can you guess which home $100,000 less than the other??

Yea. The top. See, Palmdale mansion vs Santa Clarita golden oldie. Grrr. Decisions, decisions.
I'm not exaggerating the price difference at all, the top one is exactly $100,000 less than the bottom one. It is just in Palmdale vs Santa Clarita. Shocking I know.

Today I look at more Palmdale homes. I'm really waiting to walk into a house and have it feel like home. That is how I would describe my last home purchase experience. It is the only home we lingered in to chat. It was comfortable right away. I hope I find that soon. ... I'm due in 4 months! We had better find something soon!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oh what do you do for 8 weeks in a Residence Inn??

Well we've been in our little room in the residence inn for 5 weeks. We spent two of those in Oregon visiting family - a much needed break! But now we are back in Cali with 3 weeks to go. I thought I'd share some of our thrilling activities of the last few weeks.

Bradley sleeps on the fold out couch in the living area. (We do have a door that separates our bed from the kitchen/living area.) He loves it. We brought some of his fave blankets and buddies so he feels right at home in a big boy bed.

Breakfast begins promptly when Bradley wakes up and loudly proclaims "nack!" which is bradley talk for Snack or Breakfast. So we get up and walk out to forage for breakfast. Usually waffles or bagels. I convinced him of cereal one morning, but now he knows better.

Night time is story time. We found a few new books at the good will down the street because we could only bring 3. He quickly tired of the same 3 books for nap and night time.

Occasionally we dawn our swimmers and hop in the pool for an hour or so. Brad believes we are going to do this any time he finds his swimmers, so they are well hidden.

Then there is the occasional disneyland trip. Always helpful in ending a long week.

Easter was a new challenge. So I decided to get crafty, even in a hotel, and we made those starch yarn eggs out of balloons and string and elmers glue.

They turned out rather well... till Bradley sat on them... several times. So we don't have an after pic other than Bradley's satisfied face. I was surprised at how proud he was of our eggs, even after they were fairly flat. He still points to them and reminds me how fun it was to get messy and make eggs together. I am encouraged in doing more crafty projects in our room.

We have multi colored string, scissors, and elmers glue. Any ideas?

So 3 more weeks. Then who knows. Probably a furnished apartment. Then a house? Then a new baby? You could definitely say my life is a little uncertain, maybe unstable, and definitely unpredictable. But when you know it is where the Lord wants you to be, ya just gotta keep going with faith in His plan.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Freckles.. mmm tasty

Sometimes I question my mothering instincts.

Earlier in the day I congratulated myself for discovering a new freckle/mole behind Bradley's ear. How observant I am. Really.

Later in the day when the freckle came off I wondered how long the chocolate spec had been there. Surely not before Easter right? I hope...

I promise I really do clean behind his ears!