Thursday, April 19, 2012

Toothpaste + Dog = water torture

Last week Bradley took the puppy into the other room and was quiet for a very very long time. Brian and I were reviewing the houses we had seen that morning and were frankly thankful for a few minutes of peace so we could talk and think clearly. Well, we paid for it. At least Portland did.

We opened the door to find the toothpaste in Bradley's hand, and our puppy patiently sitting for him as he spotted her back in toothpaste polka-dots. Sadly my pics of this are on the other camera. grr.

We quickly cleaned it all up as we giggled about the creativity of our son and didn't worry about it again. Well this week Portland seemed to be getting stickier and stickier. And the fur around her neck appeared as if it had frosting on it. So I decided it was time for a bath.

She was in complete dismay at this announcement. Bradley thought it was the coolest idea all week.

 Doesn't she look slightly upset?
 hahaha. Bradley water torture.
 As I delighted in the torture of my poor girl by taking pictures, Bradly poured a cupful of water on me. I guess it is only fair. I knew I was going to get wet, I just thought it would have happened at the end not the beginning.
He was such a good helper, and knew exactly what to do.
 She was a good girl, and stood where I told her to. She is very patient, and won't shake the water off till I tell her it is okay. She is very aware of how I feel.
We soaped her up together, and then I let Bradley continue slowly torturing the puppy one cupful at a time.

Good entertainment for an afternoon!


Rebecca said...

What a creative, original idea of his! I never would have thought of decorating my pooch with toothpaste polka dots. It's always those quiet times you have to be extra suspicious. haha

Eileen & Karen said...

Oh my gosh I am rolling! What a hoot! Hmmmm this seems like a blast from my past. I seem to remember someone dotting the couch with toothpaste when she was a kid! Bradley is following in his mothers footsteps! The couch was never the same....but I hated it long before your little art project! You really did me a favor!