Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oh what do you do for 8 weeks in a Residence Inn??

Well we've been in our little room in the residence inn for 5 weeks. We spent two of those in Oregon visiting family - a much needed break! But now we are back in Cali with 3 weeks to go. I thought I'd share some of our thrilling activities of the last few weeks.

Bradley sleeps on the fold out couch in the living area. (We do have a door that separates our bed from the kitchen/living area.) He loves it. We brought some of his fave blankets and buddies so he feels right at home in a big boy bed.

Breakfast begins promptly when Bradley wakes up and loudly proclaims "nack!" which is bradley talk for Snack or Breakfast. So we get up and walk out to forage for breakfast. Usually waffles or bagels. I convinced him of cereal one morning, but now he knows better.

Night time is story time. We found a few new books at the good will down the street because we could only bring 3. He quickly tired of the same 3 books for nap and night time.

Occasionally we dawn our swimmers and hop in the pool for an hour or so. Brad believes we are going to do this any time he finds his swimmers, so they are well hidden.

Then there is the occasional disneyland trip. Always helpful in ending a long week.

Easter was a new challenge. So I decided to get crafty, even in a hotel, and we made those starch yarn eggs out of balloons and string and elmers glue.

They turned out rather well... till Bradley sat on them... several times. So we don't have an after pic other than Bradley's satisfied face. I was surprised at how proud he was of our eggs, even after they were fairly flat. He still points to them and reminds me how fun it was to get messy and make eggs together. I am encouraged in doing more crafty projects in our room.

We have multi colored string, scissors, and elmers glue. Any ideas?

So 3 more weeks. Then who knows. Probably a furnished apartment. Then a house? Then a new baby? You could definitely say my life is a little uncertain, maybe unstable, and definitely unpredictable. But when you know it is where the Lord wants you to be, ya just gotta keep going with faith in His plan.

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Heidi Ence said...

You should do a paper ring count down! Bradley would love making it, and then taking off one ring every day! Hmm... I don't know what else you could do with those supplies. I'll think about it. You should do shaving cream painting in the tub. That would be fun. You could lead a string all over the room, in between things, and have Bradley help you unwind it. Kind of like an obstacle course.