Saturday, November 27, 2010

Playing in PA!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Brian, Bradley and I flew to Pennsylvania to be with my Sister's family for thanksgiving! They happen to have a new, adorable, baby named Bladen. Who, by the way, is an amazingly sweet and quiet baby. How did the loudest member of my family breed the quietest baby I've ever met? When I, not the loudest member of the family, made a loud, inconsolable infant. Thank goodness Bradley is a year old and out of his crying all the time phase. We are lucky to be in the toddling all over and chewing on things phase.
Anyways, Deric was pretty worried about the company drinking all his sparkling cider, so he bought each person their own bottle. Very sweet.
Brian cooked mostly everything and he did a great job. We had turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, gravy, jello, stuffing, cream corn, deviled eggs (which heidi's facebook post discussion could not confirm if this is a normal thanksgiving tradition) and pumpkin cake and banana cream pie.

This is the only picture where we could get them both looking-ish at the camera and not bawling or crawling. They are pretty cute though.

Bradley looooves their dogs. In this pic he is "talking" or yelling at Scout. When he isn't telling them all about the world, he is pulling their tails, climbing on them, or trying to poke their noses.

Heidi and Deric took us to a famous old mansion in Meadville where they decorated each room for christmas! It was very beautiful and cool to see an old house. Every room had a different tree and a hidden white-tailed deer!

Merry Christmas Ence Family!

Who is that adorable nephew? oh yea, That's my boy Bladen! What a little smirk!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Puppy and the Ball are SO Funny

I love that these two get along.
I catch Portland all the time walking up to Brad and giving him kisses when I didn't even tell her to do it! She gets very worried when I use the mom voice or correct Brad or tell him no. Portland will start circling and herding, and kissing Brad so he knows he needs to stop what he is doing or they are both going to get in trouble! She is like a big sister looking out for her bro. Uuuunless there is a frisbee or tennis ball nearby. Then she is all business.

Brad equally loves Portland, and seeks her out when he wants to make some trouble. But the very first time I brought the big ball out they fought over it! Brad hung onto it with his body (as I steadied him) and Portland batted at it with her paws despite my insisting it was Bradley's turn first since it was HIS birthday present. Portland isn't the best at sharing new toys. But clearly they worked out their differences and are having a ball in this video. (Pun totally intended.)

The art of balencing a spider

I got my battery charger back so now the photos and movies can continue! Hurray!
The noise in the background is Brian cutting wood in the basement.