Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Characters - Disney World

Bradley really liked meeting the characters last time, so we thought we would do a few more meet n greets.

He couldn't take his eyes of Mickey. Actually that is true for most of the characters.



Okay here's a sneak peak at our Not So Spooky Halloween Party costumes... More on this even later.

Rides - Disney Wolrd

Clearly the most exciting part of any Disney experience are the rides. Unless you travel with the Saponases and all they can talk about is the food for the previous three months to the trip.
Bradley, however, was quite thrilled with the ride aspect of our trip.

Safari Ride - Animal Kingdom

Rockin Rollercoaster - Hollywood Studios
The Car Thing - Magic Kindom

SPLASH MOUNTAIN! - The best ride in the whole world - Magic Kingdom
Peter Pan - 2nd Best for Brad - Magic Kingdom
Mission: Earth - Epcot
Triceritops Spin - Animal Kingdom

Jungle Cruise - Possibly Brian's fave ride if you get a good guide - Magic Kindom

Carousel!! - Bradley's All Time Fave!!! - Magic Kingdom
He would get sooo excited when ever we were in visual range that we started taking alternate routes through the park so he wouldn't see it. I can't believe the whole Saponas family, all the slightly weak stomached amoung them, went on this ride every single time Bradley wanted to. Luckily we only waited in line once for it, and walked on it every other time... not so for Peter Pan- which caused a nearly equal enthusiastic reaction from Brad.

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Parades - Disney World

I could watch the parades over and over and over. But I realize that not everyone has the same passion for stuffed Disney creatures and dancers walking down the road.. So I settled for just 3.

The Electric parade was very cool... but there were thousands upon thousands of people there. And NO ONE KNEW DISNEY RULES! Foreigners.. j/k. I figured out that rules in DW are different than Disneyland. Including huge European men, with balloons, on the front row, standing up in front of 40 or so people watching the parade behind him. Combined with the fact that this was a very long parade, and I had to hold Brad up, and it was late at night, this wasn't my fave parade.

Although it was pretty cool.
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