Tuesday, January 29, 2013

6 mo Photo Time!

Today was a good day. I love when I feel like I've had a successful day.  That feeling always what always preceeds that feeling is a day actually full of activities not just "relaxing." Today we played with tv off till noon. Had a lunch, then went shopping till 3. And during shopping we had a rockin Goodwill stop and a successful Walmart grocerice plus fact finding trip. Then good nap for Brad and Brian made dinner. Followed by a night of xbox Zumba! I'm sure it was just ending the night on an endorphin kick that made me think today was such a great day. But I'm sorry, watching Brian totally uninhibited Zumba and shimmy around will put a smile on anyone's face!

Okay onto what you want to see. The pics!
I had nothing to do really when I was a mom of 1. So I took lots of pics. I promised myself that I would have just as many pics of Luke. Well I haven't quite made it. I love lots of pics, not so many "photo shoots" though. But 6 months is so big! I can't miss it!! At least I will have newborn pics and 6 month pics.

First we started with our first sink bath! He loved it. Brad thought it was one of the crazier things his mom has done recently.

 Just a few nakie baby pics. Who doesn't love chunky baby love!

Then naked time was over and well, Luke LOVES naked time. So he had to let me know how he felt about wearing clothes AGAIN! Mom!

 But that was short lived. Seriously all you have to do is say "LUUUUuuuuuke!" and he will bust out an adorable smile.

 Then Bradley finished his bath and wanted to take pics too. This was our first, and best pic.

Bradley has learned that kissing is cute. He doesn't understand he is the only one who likes kissing.. ask the Schrocks. ... Poor Dana.

 Luke feels about the same way as Dana the first time Brad laid one on her!
This may be my favorite pic EVER of my boys.

 For some reason Luke was suddenly done taking pics and Bradley wanted to take some too.
 This is the only pose Brad wanted to do. No amount of asking to sit or lay down worked. He sat like this for a whole minuted saying "take my picture mommy!" I don't really know how to interpret that.

After a nap and after big brother went down for his nap and Luke had mommy time, we did a few more pics. He was SO happy!

Where did 6 months go! I swear I've only had him for 2 months. I love my Lukey Loo.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Christmas Post

I love our trips to Oregon for Christmas. Every year is such a whirlwind and it is both over before I know it, and never ending at the same time. I can't really explain it more other than that. We spent one week at each family. But Christmas and Christmas eve are just back and forth days.
 Christmas Eve we visited Grandma Pat at the Saponases and did our traditional Daniels Family nativity story evening event. This year the reenactment of the nativity story resurfaced! At least in part.

 Bradley was a Shepard/pirate. His staff quickly turned into a spyglass. And for some reason Brad went "no-bones" on Nate... which was so funny I could have died. Finally he did it to someone else.

 Mary with Baby Jesus (Luke) and her shepard (Brad).

Christmas morning was SO exciting this year. Brad had a clear idea of what he was asking Santa for - A BIG GUN- and he was ready to run out and find it first thing! But mom made us all hang out and re-read the Christmas story (one of the few "traditions" I insist on every year) BEFORE we go see what Santa brought.

 Brad showing Grandma his BIG BUZZ LIGHTYEAR GUN!

We Skyped with Heidi & Deric during some present opening! So we had all our Daniels family together for part of the day! Then we had a rocking awesome breakfast.

Christmas x2 Saponas Style.
Brian has been looking forward to this year ever since we got our dog. Portland came with us to Oregon and we got to have Christmas with her too! Her and two other black labs... JJ and Oliver! It was a dogtastic Christmas!

 All the dogs liked Portland's present from Santa - a squeaky pheasant. There was a little bit if dog pandemonium for a bit there.

 Then Brad opened his fishing set from Aunt Meredith. And there were three wet noses that needed to investigate the suspicious fish.

 Christmas x3. Daniels finish opening presents!
 The coolest shirt ever from Uncle Nate. hahaha.

 Okay I had planned and PLANNED  to have the boys in matching shirts for Christmas. And this is the only pic I have to show for it. Trust me, they were adorable. And matched.

Goodbye Dinner.
One of my fave new traditions we seem to do is have all the grandparents together the night or so before we leave. It is really cool that both my families like spending this time toghether because I think it is a really special time for Brad and Luke. Grandparent palooza!
 And FINALLY Grandma Saponas got to spend some time with Luke. Poor Grandma didn't hardly see her grandkiddos because she was taking care of Great Grandma. But at least we got to spend a nice evening together. Luke enjoyed playing with Grandma.

Love you all family. I loving going home for Christmas. I'm going to miss it when the day comes that we need to stay at house for Christmas. This year was SO FUN!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

yes hell

I can't decide if I should write a happy post about how awesome my Christmas break was, or if I should write about the Luke Hell I'm in ever since we came home. Yes hell.

If there is a specific hell for me it involves never sleeping and being cold and hungry. But mostly not sleeping.
I don't understand Luke's sudden NEED to be with me/near me/sitting on my lap/sleeping attached to my boob. There was a distinct regression of sleeping habits over the two weeks we were in oregon. Then we came home with a cold that kept him awake all night long. Now we are mostly over the cold but the even worse sleep pattern that developed with the cold has stuck around and I think I'm losing my mind.
I'm sure all of you out there are remembering days when your baby just wouldn't quit and you came out of it just fine. But my ability to think rationally or with perspective goes out the window after waking up every hour and half all night long. -Which is nothing compared to some infants, but he isn't an infant any more so what is the deal!-

aaaand my little angel is awake. what a nice 30 minutes of putting bradley back down to nap. a nice break, really.

I may not have any hair by the end of today.

Clearly I'll have to write a happy christmas post later.