Tuesday, January 29, 2013

6 mo Photo Time!

Today was a good day. I love when I feel like I've had a successful day.  That feeling always what always preceeds that feeling is a day actually full of activities not just "relaxing." Today we played with tv off till noon. Had a lunch, then went shopping till 3. And during shopping we had a rockin Goodwill stop and a successful Walmart grocerice plus fact finding trip. Then good nap for Brad and Brian made dinner. Followed by a night of xbox Zumba! I'm sure it was just ending the night on an endorphin kick that made me think today was such a great day. But I'm sorry, watching Brian totally uninhibited Zumba and shimmy around will put a smile on anyone's face!

Okay onto what you want to see. The pics!
I had nothing to do really when I was a mom of 1. So I took lots of pics. I promised myself that I would have just as many pics of Luke. Well I haven't quite made it. I love lots of pics, not so many "photo shoots" though. But 6 months is so big! I can't miss it!! At least I will have newborn pics and 6 month pics.

First we started with our first sink bath! He loved it. Brad thought it was one of the crazier things his mom has done recently.

 Just a few nakie baby pics. Who doesn't love chunky baby love!

Then naked time was over and well, Luke LOVES naked time. So he had to let me know how he felt about wearing clothes AGAIN! Mom!

 But that was short lived. Seriously all you have to do is say "LUUUUuuuuuke!" and he will bust out an adorable smile.

 Then Bradley finished his bath and wanted to take pics too. This was our first, and best pic.

Bradley has learned that kissing is cute. He doesn't understand he is the only one who likes kissing.. ask the Schrocks. ... Poor Dana.

 Luke feels about the same way as Dana the first time Brad laid one on her!
This may be my favorite pic EVER of my boys.

 For some reason Luke was suddenly done taking pics and Bradley wanted to take some too.
 This is the only pose Brad wanted to do. No amount of asking to sit or lay down worked. He sat like this for a whole minuted saying "take my picture mommy!" I don't really know how to interpret that.

After a nap and after big brother went down for his nap and Luke had mommy time, we did a few more pics. He was SO happy!

Where did 6 months go! I swear I've only had him for 2 months. I love my Lukey Loo.

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Heidi Ence said...

These are the best pictures ever, I love them. I love how smiley Lukey Pants is. I also love that picture of your boys looking upset at each other, so funny. Good job mom!