Thursday, February 7, 2013

Luke? Brad?

I decided to fish out some 6 mo Brad pics to see really how similar my boys look...
Can you tell the difference?










Soooooo yea. Just a little similar. 
Let's see how you did:
A Luke
B Brad
C Luke
D Brad
E Brad
F Luke
G Brad
H Luke
I Luke
J Brad

You want a hint to crack to baby code? Luke smiles and Brad doesn't. Well there is  one pic where Brad is smirking. I had to really search to find non smiley pics of Luke to trick you up. The other obvious difference is Luke's fluffy hair.

Even I kept writing D down wrong. I will never again laugh at my Mother in law for confusing her sons in their baby pictures.


Heidi Ence said...

WOW! I can see the difference, and the difference is that Luke has more of YOU in him than Brad does. That is what I see anyway.

G and the last one had me fooled though. Especially G though! Love your boys!

Audrey said...

They really do look a lot alike! I think it's those Saponas eyes.

Kyli said...

Not to brag, but I did get them all right. It was tough since I haven't met Luke. Maybe that actually made it easier since I knew what Brad looked like at that age. Your boys are so dang cute Steph!