Monday, March 25, 2013

A day

I'm having a day.
I don't know how to describe it other than my children seem to be having a day too.

Bradley came to get me out of bed this morning, at a very reasonable time, so I said, "okay but first I need a kiss." then I needed a hug. Then I needed an eskimo kiss. We have done the eskimo kiss many times and it is usually part of saying goodnight for a nap. So when I described that you rub noses, Bradley rubbed his nose with his hand and then rubbed/wiped my nose. It counts.

Later I thought it was an excellent idea to keep playing "maze golf course" on paper with him. It is a new game we made up yesterday. Of course today we played it for the whole hour that Luke slept in, and then for another hour after that. I don't know about you, but there are only so many quick and easy mazes I can come up with in two hours.

Then I had a great compromise, we watch all of Wall-E and then take a nap vs just take a nap. Luke went down at the beginning of the movie an woke up at the end just in time for Brad's nap stories. After two well behaved children for two stories I really thought things were going well. So I went downstairs with high hopes. After ordering dirt to be delivered tomorrow, feeding Luke, and playing with the puppy... 15 min later... I hear foot steps. So I went upstairs. It smelled teriffic up there. Like really really good! What on earth did I do last time I was up here? Clean? right.

Upon gently putting Brad back in bed - in our now third pair of clothes today. any tiny bit of pee or moisture of any kind that can count as pee is cause for a wardrobe change- I pick up his "dirty" clothes and find a cap. Hmm. What could the cap go to? I open the drawer and find the lotion in tact. But further investigation revealed yet a second secret lotion bottle stashed in the bathroom. The nice lotion. The Burt's Bees one that I hardly ever use because for some reason I'm "saving" it. (for what I really don't know. but I never use it as it is super awesome.) Nice mommy goes away. Bye bye nice mommy. Wish you would come back. Mean mommy rips the covers up to reveal a very "nice" smelling Bradley.

I know you are thinking why was there even lotion in his room?? No good explanation other than it has been there, untouched, for the last six months so I wasn't that worried.

Luke on the other hand is having a day that is a pretty good day. Two naps over an hour each. Really I can't ask for more from that kid. He even is starting to do the "all done" sign. His five little teeth are adorable and slowly coming in, and he doesn't even bite me- much. And you can't be mad when he gives you his epic pouty face- which is nearly perfected at this point.

Ah. I hear Bradley again.
Lord save mean mommy for a real disaster and help me to just not care today. It is just a nap right?


Heidi Ence said...

Steph you are a great mom. I think you are more honest then a lot of people. I am a mean mommy a lot, I think. I want to be better, and I have every excuse under the sun. But the truth is we all have these days. Being a mom is hard. You're awesome and your boys love you, even when you get mean mommy mad. =) Thanks for being a good example.

Amanda Ball said...

Uh, I loathe "days". I feel for you!