Sunday, May 5, 2013

What a Weekend

I don't know what got into me, but we decided to have fun in the sun this weekend!

I wish I was good at planning things in advance. Then I could invite others over for fun too. But I'm not.
Friday morning Bradley was begging to go outside and I was convinced it was too hot. All I wanted to do that day was get to the post office -Sorry Kyli & Meredith your packages will be delayed yet another week. So I told him we could go out and feel how hot it was before our walk. The weather was so perfect, and finally not super windy. So we took our nice walk and put Luke down for a nap. Suddenly I felt the urge to play in the water. I got Bradley all lubed up and in swimmers and laid out all the plastic blow up water toys.
Of course as soon as I plugged in the first water toy Luke woke up. So I lubed him up too and we went and played!! With my awesome camera in hand of course.

 Ahh what a cute little booger. Oh i mean bugger.

Then the next day was the airshow. (Long story short- I promised we would go months ago but then double booked our Saturday and told Brian tough luck but had a change of heart when I realized I should be true to my first commitment and it isn't cool to shortchange your own family. And the other engagement was very sweet and understanding and didn't make me feel horrible.) So we went!

 "Mom that is the BOOMS!"

 Propeller hugs!

 Shane Wallace (who stitched the fabric section bradley is touching) holding brad up so he can feel the fabric part of the airplane. Cool! Go Shane!

 Shelly trying to convince Brad to turn and smile at me. Haha. He refused.

 The only good smile all day in front of Donald Duck gunning down people.

 Shane holding the chalks for the airplane he helped restore before it took off for its part of the show.

 Me sitting with a cranky boy and not getting to see the last and coolest part of show.

 Shelly and Jeff holding Luke. Luke like loves Jeff and falls asleep in his arms. Crazy.

 The highlight of the show was seeing a fleet of Brian's fave plane the P-38. It is a really cool plane and only 6 out of 10,000s are still in flying condition. We got to see 5 fly at once! This is just two of them.

The Chino airport is so cute and has a neat row of old fashioned air hangers. 

It was a really fun day. We will go for sure next year!!

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