Sunday, May 8, 2011

Easter Bliss

Easter day #1
 The Easter Bunny visited us! Bradley was thrilled to see so many baskets just for him!

 While no one was looking, he grabbed a candy and managed to open it no prob. This, it turns out, was his favorite part of Easter. For days afterward he kept track of the candy bowl and would point and cry at it ever time he remember it was there.

Then we dyed easter eggs! Grandma was an expert halfsie egg color-er.  Brad was fascinated for a few minutes, then he just liked trying to tip the cups over.

Day #2!
Grandma & Grandpa flew out Sunday morning, but we had a nice Easter afternoon together.

 We came home from church and began cooking our easter feast! Potatoes, ham, salads, the works! Then one by one our dinner guests called and told us they each had someone in their family that was sick and they coudn't joins us. However... they wanted to bring their food over for eveyone else.
So we divied up the food and sent most of it back home with our friends.. and then ate a HUGE dinner with the works!

 Then we had a little easter egg hunt for brad. He remembered that candy is inside easter eggs, so he eagerly gathered all the eggs up! I don't think he minded that I forgot to give our dinner guests their portion of the easter eggs. Oh well.

Happy Easter!

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Eileen & Karen said...

So fun! Bradley, I can't wait to hold you next week!!! Gma misses you like crazy!
Gma Daniels