Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sick Babies are No fun.

We started off the week so chipper and fun!
I call this, ode to Mickey. We start off each week pretty much the same. Brad wakes up, we eat breakfast, and then we go upstairs and print off a new Mickey pic to color. This takes up a good portion of the morning. I highly recommend it.

 Then we play trains for the next half of the morning! Then snack and nap! It is a very excellent way to start out a week, and usually yields a very happy baby.

 I guess most of the week was good. But on Thursday Bradley had a fever.
And Friday wasn't much better.

 I don't mind high fevers... 102 ish. Much higher than 102 is scary, and much lower is painful for more than just Bradley.
I don't know how your families respond to sickness, but as soon as the lower fever sets in that is when my guy is inconsolable.  Every little thing is actually the end of the world, and further, all the things that I cannot interpret also equal the end of the world.

So you do everything in your power to keep your sweet, sick little guy happy for as long as possible. (And send many prayers to heaven hoping to keep your patience in check while your toddler screams for no curable reason.)

 There was a lot of Disney Channel playing in my house this week. I try not to watch too much tv during the day, like none, but when I have a sick little boy who only wants to sit with mom or dad (mostly mom though), mom and dad NEED something else to distract Brad.

Daddy was very good about entertaining Brad while I ate my food, but this was too cute to miss. Apparently the "Leader" climbed on the coffee table and started to dance around when he was tired of singning "following the leader."
 Dad's entertainment tricks went so far as putting the puppy on the slide. (yes that is me with a mouthful of food trying to hold back the laughter.) Bradley was more than happy to help push Portland down the slide. Sweet boy, helping the dog overcome her fears.

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Jubilation Studios said...

I LOVE the picture of Brian and Bradley on top of the coffee table. I thini it is one of my very favorite pictures ever! What a cute family!