Saturday, April 4, 2009


I used to think that thunderstorms were so cool, definitely not scary, and never lasted long enough.

Then I moved to Georgia, and moved to the highest geographical point in the area. It only took one thunder storm for me to realize that they don't play games here. And the second, third and fourth proved to fry various electronic equipment and set off our apartment alarm which we didn't know we had. My favorite storm began rather slowly, so I sat out on our deck to watch the flashes in the distance till Brian told me that was a stupid idea and made me come inside. Within twenty minutes a bolt struck a few numbers over. Needless to say, it was the most frightening, deafening sound I have ever heard. Half the house alarms went off in the complex, basically all the car alarms, and as I had nothing to sit on since our furniture hadn't arrived yet, I could easily feel the ground shake as the bolt struck.

Since last summer, we have moved to a lower point, and now live in a beautiful house. I also thought that summer was the only time I had to worry about thunder and lightning storms. Apparently, spring thunder storms aren't as fierce, but they last much longer.

I woke up a few nights ago at 2:30 am to my room being filled with light, and hearing loud claps of thunder in the distance. Despite my best efforts, all I could do was lay there and count the seconds between the flash and the thunder like I did when I was seven in Utah. An hour later I went back to sleep.

I love Georgia, but not for the thunderstorms.


T. Scott Saponas said...

You're not kidding. Those thunderstorms are crazy!

Amanda said...

We had almost the same experience with thunderstorms here in Tucson. No spring storms yet though. Good luck.

the van den Eikhof family said...

Just to make you feel better we had thunder last night in SLO. It was only once, but we had it. I like thunderstorms, but not when it is too close.