Saturday, July 17, 2010

8th Month Fun

I just offloaded my Rebel camera and had to share some of the cute Brad pics.
I must say that this has been the most fun month to date. I loved watching Brad test the limits of gravity in his attempts to pull up, crawl, and scoot!

Doesn't he look like Spiderman!

We watch the Braves with Daddy nearly every night. I think it must be boy bonding time because they both love it and I don't get it. It is baseball!!!

This is Dad's fave outfit. Overalls are so cute on kids.

Brad and his Seymore Snake!

Since Brian has been working hard at work and devoting lots of his time to his church calling, it seems like the time he gets to spend with his family is special. Everything seems like so much fun when Dad is with us, plus Dad wants to go do lots of fun things when we are together. So there have been lots of dinners out, lots of hikes, many braves games at home, and lots of fun side adventures like to the zoo and babies r us.
During the rest of the 20 hours a day I spend with Brad we have been playing with blocks, various noisy singing toys, a new set of duplos, crawling around with a spoon or camera, playing with the puppy, baby-proofing, scrapbooking, crafting, working on that crazy ward cookbook, making pillows, working on personal progress, and altering lots of pajamas (HE IS TOO TALL FOR 9 and some 12 MONTH JAMMIES!)


Heidi and Deric Ence said...

I ABSOLUTLEY can't wait until I get to see this little munchkin! I keep imagining him crawling around on my floor, and what I ned to baby proof. haha. I get to see you SOON!

Jamie Pearson said...

Steph he is sooo cute. I love the spider man picture.