Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bradley Too

So yes, I've had lots of posts on Luke and hardly a mention of Bradley. Don't worry, he's still here too. Bradley has been, well, adjusting I guess, to the baby. I can see the frustration on Bradley's face when he wants so badly to touch the baby, but has chosen the wrong moment (like Luke is nearly asleep or feeding). Then mom says no and Brad throws a fit, or well throws anything in his arm's reach. Hard, but just a fact of life. We're all getting better at balancing Luke time and Bradley time, and Bradley Luke combo time. (Clearly Bradley is out with dad right now, and the baby is sleeping otherwise there would be no posting because Mommy time is nonexistent!)

In other Bradley news, we had the fortune of getting Brad's arm x-rayed again... yay. After a stealthy "sneak away and climb the shelves to get Brandon Roy's shoe" move, Brad ended up on the ground with a bin of toys on top of him and shrieking. Five minutes later the Missionaries arrived at our door for dinner. So we had a nice, calm dinner with a inconsolable toddler holding his arm and repeatedly yelling "ow ow ow ow ow ow." Was he liking the attention...? I think so. But the Missionaries were good sports and helped distract him so he wasn't focusing on his arm so much.

No break. Just a soft tissue deal.

He's better now, although any fit ends in him holding his arm and yelling "ow ow ow ow ow." So this should be fun for the next few months. I automatically feel horribly guilty when he does this because there is a good chance something does hurt but I can't help! The pic above is day two of "broken arm" time. A blanket, band aid and grapes makes everything better. Maybe a little Jake and the Neverland Pirates helps too.

Today has been a good Bradley day. I managed to not horribly upset Bradley when I was holding Luke and so Brad has been in a good mood all day. (I won't count the 10 minute fit on the way out of Target. That was more a product of late lunch and not getting what he wanted.) Hey at least we got out of the house today!

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Eileen & Karen said...

Oh buddy! Are you part monkey? I have to wonder! Gma loves you! Hang in there Steph!
Gma Daniels