Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Screaming, car driving, baby torture

I made it. That's almost all I can say. I survived my first kid dr appointment with both kiddos. Luke had a three week check up today. Yesterday Brian told me that he wanted to attend something at work and could I do both kids on my own.

Now or never I figured.

So the morning went great. The night was great too- which I now see was a tender mercy of the Lord. We were all up, fed, dressed, and ready to go by 8:30. We even arrived on time and the baby was asleep. I thought, "this isn't sooo bad. I can totally do this. " then we were called in and things started getting more complicated.

The act of getting Luke naked kinda put him in a bad mood. Which made brad crave a bit more attention too. After a quick weigh and measurement Luke was mad and Brad wad madly driving his car everywhere. Soon the doctor came in and began his examination.

I found it increasingly hard to hear the doc as Luke got more agitated and Brad drove his car on the chairs. But things still were pretty okay. Brad wasn't jumping off the chairs or throwing them, or trying to ride the doctor's spiny chair. So I can't complain.

Then the doc tells me he needs to fix part of Luke's circumcision. Hmm. I guess that is fine as long as I don't have to see it. I hate watching them give my babies vaccine shots let alone watching a knife go to my baby! I know. I'm the baby!

The doc leaves and I am able to calm Luke for a bit. Brad really isn't being bad. It is just really loud when he drives his car on certain surfaces in that office. So I compliment him on his good listening and patience even when the baby is sad. This makes him smile.

The doc and nurse come back with a bunch of pads and supplies in their hands and begin to instruct me on how and where to put the baby on the examination table. Then they start laying the pads down and swabbing Luke. I knew this was going to be complicated.

The doc reassures me that he doesn't need to cut anything, but I need to hold the baby's arms. This puts my back to Brad. As the baby got louder so did Brad driving his car everywhere. I swear it took all my strength not to break down when he started fixing Luke- which really was nothing. Just loosening some skin. Still. I thought my head was going to burst from all the noise and trying to talk over it and hear through it. I'm sure I missed some valuable instructions but it was the best I could do.

After the torture I fed Luke and sat brad down with some iPhone Blues Clues on Netflix. Luke fell asleep and Brad was chipper and held my hand to the car. At least they seemed okay after all that.

Thank goodness I had pain meds in the car. My head was pounding as we left. But we all made it.

Then I figured we'd go to the store while Luke was sleeping. This turned out to be an excellent plan and I bought a boatload of groceries. Even though I had lots of people go to the store for me there are just some things I never remembered to tell them and so I've been without mandarin oranges and hot dog buns for weeks now!

We even picked up lunch on the way home. Not too horrible of a morning I guess.

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Heidi Ence said...

You are seriously super mom! I think I would have been the same up until I got the kids in the car. Then I would have cried. =) Good for you, and thank Heaven for blessings! It sounds like you had quite a few. Good job Steph!