Sunday, August 19, 2012

Antelope Valley Fair

I know. We are crazy. But I'm going crazy staying home all week long! So we went out today. Of course we chose the most clean and germ free place to take our family this weekend... The fair!

Five years ago Brian was interning at Lockheed here in Palmdale. So we went to the local fair to kill some time. Who knew years later we would come full circle and bring our family of four to the same fair! Life is funny. Completely aggravating at times, but funny.

Anyways, we had a blast. It turns out toddlers LOVE carnival games, rides, and food. We let ourselves spoil Brad a bit by giving in and just having some fun despite some of the ridiculous carnie prices.

Brian took Brad in the googly mirror funhouse and the pirate adventure fun house. With some convincing, I took brad on the giant slide! (Brian had to convince me!) So much fun! I don't think Brian had as much fun in the fun houses as I did on the slide.

Then of course we had to visit the animals, booths, and arts and crafts area. This is such a cute, small town fair. Complete with quilt, collection, and table scape contests. They were judging a cheesecake contest while we were there. So small town and sweet.

We had planned on getting dinner buuut then we got dessert instead. Funnel cake! I've never had a funnel cake before. Brian didn't disappoint, he got "the works" which included strawberries, apples, pudding or cream, chocolate chips, and whipped cream. It was an epic sugar experience. Brad got an ice cream cone. We came home very sticky and full of sugar.

Luke didn't enjoy the experience as much as the rest of us and told us the whole way home. Oh well. We all lived.

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