Wednesday, November 9, 2011

 Last night Brian was trying out a new recipe (yes my awesome husband cooks a few times a week) and he noticed Brad come in the kitchen and pull up a chair to the counter. Pretty normal. Brad loves to watch us cook. Yes, he loves to watch me too, even though I mostly have no idea what I'm doing.
 As Brian finished different elements he would place them in bowls on the counter. Pretty soon he noticed Bradley playing in the mixer bowl. Still normal for Brad.
Then he noticed he was actually stirring something. Further investigation revealed that Brad had gone over the drawer, pulled out his own mixing spoon, and came back to the counter and helped himself to the green beans. He was pretty sure he could improve on Daddy's preparation.
 I helped out by getting down an empty salt shaker and some plates. He will tell you which ones are for Mommy, Daddy and Bradley. Oh yea, he has this all planned out.
Sadly, even though he created a wonderful bean side dish, he would not actually eat it because of course it was green beans. At least they were good for playing with! There's hope!


Heidi Ence said...

That's good! My child nutrition class in college taught me that kids have to be exposed to different fruits, veggies, and other food before they are comfortable with it or can make a permanent decision. So playing with the green beans is good! Maybe he will eat them one day!

Rebecca said...

That's so sweet. That last picture makes me laugh with delight! What a cute little helper. This is just the first step to him actually eating the green beans. :)