Sunday, November 6, 2011

2 Year Old Boy

Bradley is 2 years old! He is in the multiple years old! Which also means I've been a mom for two years- an equally odd thought. We wanted to celebrate the completion of Brad's second year of life by doing all his favorite things.

We started our day with eggs and pancakes. Then we went to the gym (you may think this was a selfish parent move but Bradley really loves playing with the other kids). Then we went to see the airplanes!

 Both Brian and Bradley LOVED walking around and in the airplanes!

Next, we had lunch at a pasta place so Bradley could get some spaghetti with red sauce and we came home and Bradley took a nap while I baked a cake.
After Bradley woke up and was not grumpy, we played "Portland's Clues!" Which is just like "Blue's Clues" but Portland left the pawprints around the house not Blue. Bradley caught on right away and started running between the rooms looking for the paw prints. This is a pic of Daddy and Brad writing down the third clue (which you can see under the shoes).
 Of course Portland led Bradley outside to play frisbee. Brad loves running around outside. He is so so on the frisbee aspect of playing outside.

 After pizza we opened presents and ate cake! I made a special banana cake for Brad (and I didn't even mess it up!) Banana custard filling and blue paw prints on the outside, super yummy and cute.

 He got a bathtub bubble blower, train toy and..... a big boy basketball hoop!

Best Birthday Ever.


Heidi Ence said...

It looks like he had to best birthday ever! And how cute is "Portland Clues?" I love that! Your cake looked super cute too! Happy Birthday Brad!

Audrey said...

Happy Birthday Brad! We have that same basketball hoop (I bought ours for my "big boy" husband though!).

Shawna said...

Happy Birthday! I can't believe he's already two. Such a big boy!