Monday, November 21, 2011

A little bite out of the Big Apple

We needed another vacation before the end of the year. So we decided to tack on another vacation onto our trip out to PA for Thanksgiving. Where else but New York!
So here are some snipits from our first day.

It is a little chilly here. Bradley has quickly embraced his warm hat, gloves, and puffy jacket.

 After just a few minutes of walking, we found ourselves in Times Square! This place is crazy! Combine all the flashing lights and billboards along the strip in vegas, and put them along one or two blocks of street, and you have Times Square.

 Of course we had to go the air museum. Brian loves this pic of little brad, big SR71.

Just a hop over to Rockefeller center, (every time we walk through here, which is a lot for some reason, the 30 Rock theme-song goes through my head.)
 Then we ended our night at a little, tiny, 8 table Indian restaurant for the BEST Indian food I've ever had. Brad was a good little trooper and ate his rice without too many outbursts or grains of rice flung into the neighboring customers.

Soon to come:
Subway "success"
and Why Brad NEEDS a Nap Before 7pm


Heidi Ence said...

It looks like you are having SO much fun! I am so stink'n excited to see you guys and to hear all about your trip! I need a jealous button for almost all your posts, to push. =)

Eileen & Karen said...

NY looks awesome and I am glad you are having such a fun family vacation! Love that picture of Bradley in front of the GIANT airplane! Can't wait to see the rest of your trip! Love you!

T. Scott Saponas said...

Great pic with the SR71. Looks like a really fun trip.