Monday, June 4, 2012

Beach Morning with Pup

This past week we've had Brian's parents visiting. We all wanted to go visit our San Luis Obispo relatives, so we thought we'd caravan up there for the weekend! It was so much fun!
As at any Saponas gathering, there was lots of food and lots of talking and joking around. It is so nice to have family around.

Anyway! Aunt June (relations are complicated, so we just say aunt. the true lineage of relation is much more complicated.. father's side, mother's cousin/great aunt's, son's, wife = aunt!) Aunt June gave us a tip on a nearby leash free dog beach! Of course we had to check it out. We are a dog family. And when I say "we" I really mean all of my family plus alllll of Brian's extended family are in love with their dogs and do rediculous things like take them on long car trips because we miss them and want them with us.

We weren't super prepared to play at the beach. We also thought it would be cold and windy and we would stay for maybe 45 min. We were wrong! It was warmer on the beach than inland!

SO we shed our jackets and rolled up our pants. (We were semi prepared for the beach. Back up clothes for the kiddo, plenty of towels, water, toys, etc. Just no swimmers for brad.)

We ran up and down the beach for an hour or so. Both Portland and Brad would get their toes wet but that was it! Portland had fun running up to all the dogs and trying to steal their toy balls. Brad just was happy to run as much as he wanted for as far as he could. I think track or cross country running may be in his future.

There was a little bit of convincing on my part, and a few sneaker waves surprised Bradley's legs, and then he was ready to play more in the water. I had to find a stick and play fetch with Portland to get her to venture out in the water past her ankles. What a baby dog! She is just fine in the water too. Surfin the waves like a pro after a few minutes.

Both Bradley and Portland are smarter than I estimated though. When mommy said it was enough he went over to dad to go run and play in the water. Portland did the same thing with the stick. Little hooligans are in it together!!
Soon Porltand and Bradley were fairly soaked through. Portland didn't seem to mind, and kept bringing us the stick still the very last minute. I figured Brad would stay dryer if he wasn't tripping over his pants, so we dropped those.
Aunt June came with all the sand toys and of course a squirt gun. Brad was so so on the sand toys, but refused to put down the squirt gun. (hmm funny how the squirt gun remains in SLO and other toys came home with us.)

After the pants were off it wasn't long before everyone decided his shirt should go too. Brad thought his diaper was unnecessary if the rest of his clothes were off. Pretty soon we had a naked baby on the loose!
(yes his sweet peener is blurred out for his future privacy. once it is on the Internet it stays there right! Too bad his mom still thinks it is adorable to post naked two year old pics of him.)
I couldn't handle more than a few minutes of full frontal before I put on his back up shirt (I am brilliant and had a back up back up in the car for the ride home). But he loved his naked romp in the ocean for the time he had. After 20 minutes Mom declared it time to go. Sad faces all around- even aunt June and Brian looked sad when I started giving the minute to minute warnings. It still wasn't super warm, and shivering baby makes me nervous.

We had so much fun we will have to make Port San Luis beach a regular part of our visits. I think Portland will forever remember the word "beach" as a holy and sacred word never to be uttered in jest. She loves the beach too much. The same could be said for Brad, but he will bring it up for the next few days and tell me how much he loved the "water fall." Water fall = all bodies of water where water make a swooshing sound of any kind.


Heidi Ence said...

"Peener" hahahahahaha. Love it.

Eileen & Karen said...

Oh dear the humiliation this will bring Brad when he is a it! So glad you had a truly fun day!
Grammy D