Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mickey Nursery

Brian told me it was okay to do new themes for the kids' rooms in our new house. I'm SO excited.
(We signed half the house docs on Tuesday, and will close next week!!)

As I am now in my 8th month of pregnancy and have not had any place to "nest" for the last three months, all I can do is think about what I will do when we move in. Those that know me well understand I have a NEED to create things. As a professional graphic designer this need was fulfilled on a daily basis. But as a professional mom I need to find other outlets. Luckily you can hand make tons of stuff for kids. (I have not had access to any "kid stuff making supplies" for months and I am going crazy. This little boy needs some home crafted mama lovin too!)

I've had a good example of a creative problem solving, my mom. So my creativity was cultured as a small child. I would hear my mom say, "we should have a cottage for the bazaar!" The bazaar was her business, if you are curious check out her blog She doesn't do bazaars any more, but you will get the picture from her current business pics. Anyways,  months later I would watch a gaggle of adults put together the facade of a cottage... thatched-ish roof and all. Later she would declare they needed other things like a life size santa, a general store, and various winter wonderlands. You should see what she does with weddings now! My wedding was just the start!

So I like to "think big" occasionally. And themed kids rooms (while I still can) are the perfect opportunity to be creative in a big way. FOUR BLANK WALLS! What am I going to do with those four walls for my newest little boy... Micky Mouse Nursery! duh

I gave Brian a few options and he liked the big mickey head on the wall the best.

I don't know the room dimensions at all, so I'm hoping everything will fit in the space. I do have a few pics I took for reference, so I'm not too far off. I think it should be a good project to work on for a while. The walls are already yellow the only new pieces I would need to buy are the shelves and curtains. The rest I can make! I may make the curtains if I can't find them. (No the baby's name is not Camden, that is just a cute craft I saw on Pintrist and am totally going to copy.)

Over the top? Slightly obsessive?? I don't really care. I haven't had any real "space" or "home" to picture for months, nor any way to make progress towards preparing our home or myself for a new baby. I now feel slightly accomplished.

I currently have a car seat, baby clothes, and a nursery plan. 
What more could you need for a new baby?

Don't worry, in a few weeks we will have all our stuff back and moved into a new house. Why the Lord thought it would be best to cut things so close I will never know. But indeed; Things will work out.


Amanda said...

That is super cute. I'm the exact opposite. I have no creative urges that have to come out or I go crazy. I wish I did. Then my walls wouldn't be so blank. Maybe I'll hire you to come to Arizona and decorate my house.

Lisa said...

Looks so fun! Glad you found a place, but I am dying where you picked to move! :)

Randy Daniels said...

Holy Cow!That Mickey head is so big and round... (disney's the kid reference). Too cute Steph. I'm so happy for you guys... can't wait to come and lend a hand. What a crazy busy summer. Love you guys!

Kyli said...

Steph, I should have been checking your blog. I just dropped out of the blog world!! Your nursery ideas are so cute! I'm so glad you found a home!