Thursday, June 21, 2012

My lunch was better than yours

Well, better than Brian's at least. It isn't like he comes home and brags about his awesome lunches out with coworkers. Only when it is new or really bad will he enlighten me on his lunch excursions. He figured out long ago I would just be jealous about all his yummy meals. Still, I know his average is way better than my best Mac n cheese or peanut butter sandwich day.

Today is different. I'm pretty sure my lunch was way yummier than his today.

After we moved to Palmdale Brian's old boss's wife corralled me into her playgroup. Since I hadn't talked to another mom in three months I eagerly attended their weekly play dates and have made friends with some of the other moms. At the beginning of the week one of the moms wanted to come play at the Valencia Westfield Mall (which is over the hills in Santa Clarita/Valencia). Oddly enough I checked out a book on tape for Brian from the Valencia Library when we were staying over that way. I've been renewing it online for the last few months and once again it is due, today. So I jumped on the bandwagon and drove the 45 min up to this epicly cool mall.

Yes we drove 45 minutes to take our kids to a mall, so they could ride a train, play in the play area, and ride the carousel. We are rockin cool moms. Then we figured we should eat some food before our kids melted down on stimulation overload.

This mall is extra cool because it has a Five Guys. Palmdale does not. As a pregnant person I have been deprived of Five Guys for the last few months/weeks I can't tell. Bradley feels equally deprived.
We drove up to the mall and he started shouting "Ive Guys!" For some reason the other ladies I was with have never had a Five Guys burger. So I felt the need to share the goodness!

Sorry no picture. My little bacon cheese burger was instantly inhaled.

The other ladies have two kids each, a 3 year old and a baby age baby. (I am very impressed and inspired that outings with two kids can be done!) They skedaddled after lunch- I done blame them. So Brad and I opted for some dessert! Of course he chose the cupcake with colored sprinkles despite my best efforts to convince him of a chocolate one. Oh well, it was delicious.

So at the end of the day. I'm pretty sure my Five Guys lunch could beat anything Brian could find to eat in Palmdale. Except sushi.

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