Friday, May 18, 2012

Toddler Day

My family thinks my toddler is an angel, Is very mature for his age, and incredibly sweet.

Those things are not true today.

Bradley has had a morning cough for a week, and had crummy mornings for the last few days. Today he told Brian his ears hurt. So Brian suggested I try to get him in a dr's before the weekend. It was 6:30 am, no dr office opens till 8 or 8:30. Luckily I at least had a good lead on a good pediatrician.
I called and was lucky that they had a 9 am opening. By the time I got the appointment I would have 25 min to get out the door and over there. It is close so I wasn't too worried about the time. Right as I hung up they reminded me I would need my license and insurance card. I quickly threw on some clothes and a layer of make up and came out to gather Bradley and my purse. I did a quick double check to make sure I had my ID and insurance. The insurance card was gone. And it wasn't on the couch where I had been using it...
Our apartment isn't big, and we only have 4 or so surfaces where you can put anything. So after 10 minutes it was very clear that the card was not on/in the couch, not on the kitchen chairs/table, not on our bed and not on the floor. A quick prayer and another search revealed nothing. Again. Now it is 9 am and we are late. A little light went on and I angrily pulled the couch away from the wall to reveal the insurance card. Hmm I wonder what small child would put something behind the couch. He would never do that with the dog's balls or quarters, or anything important right?

The receptionists were very nice and helpful despite being late. This pediatrician's office had a little kid play corner, so Bradley went and played nicely for a few minutes. However not long enough for me to get through the new patient forms required for the receptionists to make a new patient folder. My sweet, dear, 2.5 year old decided it would be more fun to run around the office climbing on chairs, jumping off of end tables, turning the lights on and off, and screaming then throwing himself on the floor any time I asked him to stop. At least the office was empty except for the receptionists. Maybe being late was a blessing in disguise.. maybe.

Eventually we were called in. They opened the door and in Bradley ran in. Full speed around the corner and down the hall.

I feel so helpless in these situations. You know yelling won't affect your child at all, and in the process will make you look like a grumpy, mean mom. But you can't possibly catch him- if you try, you will fail and then you will look like a crazy, can't keep up mom. Currently, I'm very visibly pregnant, so it is extra fun to look and see what the belly mom is going to do with her wild, loud, toddler.

So I take the slowest, most patient route I possibly can. I walk over, grab his little elbow before he can run again and turn him around. (at least this way I look like a grumpy, in control mom) This of course is met with yelling and frustration on Bradley's behalf; But the nurses were so sweet and right on top of things and asked him to hop on the scale. Hopping is always a challenge Bradley will take on.
We only waited maybe five minutes to see the doctor. Of course nothing was really wrong. *sigh* During the visit Bradley thought the garbage was very fun, as was the floor, as was the dr's spinny stool (while the dr was sitting on it). The doctor was very nice, and understanding of a 2 year old's temperament. At least Bradley was good for his exam. But any attempt to seclude him to a chair or corner was not successful.

To compound the "funness" of my morning, when we got home we missed the FedEx man, again.. I don't know why Brian felt the urgency to order this life size erector set toy when we don't have any room to build or store big toys, and Bradley can't play with it on his own till his much older, but he did.

This pic is a week or so old. But yes, he equally that fast and crazy today. Picture this blur in the Dr's office. I thought it was a very fitting picture.
(Side note-The coffee table is not there any more. The tv now sits on the coffee table.)

At least Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on.
In my book it is totally acceptable to watch cartoons all day when you are sick and can't go out. 
We are sooo eating pizza and tater tots for lunch.


Heidi Ence said...

I'm sorry. That is no fun, and I'm sure is hard for both of you. But you sound like you are doing a good job and you are totally entitled to eating pizza and tater tots for lunch, maybe dinner too! =) Love you!

Eileen & Karen said...

It's uncanny how a child...of any age just knows when he can control the situation. And yes, this earns you a pizza and tater tot lunch for sure!