Sunday, May 6, 2012

Limbo Apartment

I am on my phone so this will be short. We found a reasonably acceptable apartment to stay in for a few months. Upon move in we only had a few suitcases, a few toys, some kitchen cook wear, and food. I raided the dollar store for basic kitchen needs, bought an aero bed- a pregnant girl inn her third trimester cannot get up off a low air mattress once a night for the next two months. Luckily aero beds are double high so I can easily get in and out. THEN I hit Ross for the remaining bed needs. (we borrowed an air mattress for brad.) Ps I love Ross for bedding. I am never disappointed with my bedding purchases. I guess after a night we figured we needed some other basics. Luckily, and I find the Lords timing in my life to be a little unsettling, we have also put an offer on a house. So we felt comfortable purchasing a few things for the house that would make our lives better now. New living room set new and a new tv and used table and chairs from Craig's list. I really am so so happy to have a place to sit my "little" bum. Last time we moved I didn't have a place to sit for a week or more and I actually thought I would go crazy sitting on the floor. So now we wait. Patiently. *sigh It will all work out.

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Heidi Ence said...

It will, it will! And yay for housing offers!