Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day

Portland thought it would be a good idea to go play in the snow today. I have to admit it was a good idea, especially seeing how it does not snow very often.

Daddy thought it would be funny to pretend to drop a mini snowball on Bradley. As you can see, the snowball found its way to Brad's head despite the "pretending."

Daddy had to fix the situation as he was the cause of the problem. Good thing he is good at it- crisis averted.
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Anonymous said...

Good morning snow bunnies! Portland looks like she is having a blast. Bradley seems to be happier now that he is warm and dry. Brian, what were you thinking? Pretty darn cute. Enjoy the snow! Love, MamaLou

EileenandKaren@forgetmenotdreams said...

Wow...guess we picked the snowiest day to fly into Atlanta...bummer! Glad you had a fun day in the snow! Maybe Bradley will like the snow better when he's on the throwing side of the snowball! Love you guys!
Grandma D

Karli and Kelly said...

As I was blog surfing today I came upon your blog and it reminded me so much of my daughter's, who happens to be a new mom and a Washingtonian now living in Savannah-she was also very excited to see snow!
Anyways, nice blog! You might want to check out

Kyli said...

Oh, poor Bradley! I don't really like snowballs in my face either! :) On the other hand, I've gotta say that it makes one really sweet picture!