Monday, March 1, 2010

Jackson Pollock

It is has been a life's ambition to throw paint at a canvas and call it art. I have always had a natural attraction to the shapes which take place when gravity and paint combine. Then, I took 20th Century Art in college and learned about the abstract expressionists, beginning with Jackson Pollock. I love them. I love the ideas, I love the paintings, I love the simplicity and complexity. I even love the giant color circles named, "Red Dot." The bigger the better in my mind. If I had the means I would absolutely paint a giant blue square on a huge canvas just to see what it would look like. I love to see art on a large scale, and some of expressionism includes this idea. But what I really love is the love of art. Art for art's sake my friends.

There are others in my family, namely Brian, who do not have the same utter appreciation for the abstract expressionists, including Mr. Pollock. Never the less, I finally got my wish and went "pollock" on a big 3'x3' canvas.

It was harder than I thought. I had a really beautiful composition going and then I messed it up completely and decided to start over. After a few hours of careful dripping and tipping and splattering, I had my completed piece! And of course I hung it in my bedroom for Brian to appreciate. He says he likes it, but I'm pretty sure he is just humoring me.

I love it!!!!
I'll get off my high horse now, but I fully plan on making more!
And since I have an art degree- all you art nay-sayers- I get to call it art! ha!


Heidi and Deric Ence said...

Its really cool steph! Do you know what my dream is with art and paint? I think it would be fun to throw darts at balloons filled with paint to make a picture. I also think it would be fun to throw waterballoons filled with paint, 10 things I hate about you style, with another person. Or prehaps in a white room. THAT would be neat! LETS DO YOUR GARAGE!

Annie said...

Oooooh, Steph, it's pretty! I love the flow, the energy, and you didn't lose the rate of contrast at all, which is hard to do. Nice work!

Lisa said...

if you throw pain balloons in your garage I want to be invited! very coo1!

Kyli said...

I like it! But I'd rather see it in person on the wall! :) You're amazing, girl!

Julie said...

I love it! Way to go.

Kiropol_Doro said...

I found the expression "simplicity and complexity" very fitting. I recommend to look up Astroism to those who are interested in "throw paint" art.