Friday, February 5, 2010

New Hair

I have worn a ponytail nearly every day since Brad's birth. So I didn't see this coming. I didn't notice that my hair was changing in any way, so when I got it cut the other day I was slightly shocked the first time I dried it and could not straighten the top three inches of hair.

I now have wavy/ verging on curly hair. In related news, it is also darker. Weird.
I didn't know having a child would physically change my hair along with the rest of me. The hair I have grown since Bradley's birth is both darker and very wavy - see second pic.

I gladly embrace this change and am ready for something new. I have to use curly hair products to encourage the lower portion of my hair to curl. The upper portion has no trouble complying.

It is now short enough that Brad really has to try to hard to grab it. Mission accomplished. It is also easier to style now that all I have to do is partially dry it and put product in it. Maybe the next three months my hair will only be in a ponytail half the time.

I don't know about you, but I can clearly see a difference between the few new inches of hair and the old. It isn't shockingly curly in this pic, but it is darker.

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Audrey said...

Lucky! My hair just thins back out to its normal blah-ness after having babies.

Amanda said...

I'm glad you like your new curls, my hair turned curly only in odd tufts around my head which makes it so I can't just leave it: if I want it curly, I have to curl it all; if I want it straight, I have to straighten it all. It's annoying.

Ashley Fulkerson said...

I love it!!! Go curly hair!!!