Thursday, February 4, 2010

Month 3

Heidi told me I needed to post more pics.
It isn't like I don't want to. It is that I find it hard to dedicate time to uploading, blogging and posting. But I'll try harder anyways. I know there are lots of family members out there who are eager for more frequent updates.

Well the third month has shown me that things do indeed get better. Not that they were bad before, but it amazes me how wonderful, how amazingly happy things are now. I love waking up to smiles, I love hour long naps, I love five hour stretches at night. I love wiggling, I love the kicking and the talking! Oh the talking!!!

Bradley will tell you a story almost as soon as he is awake. And then he tells me about how good his dreams were, and then he tells me about how good his breakfast/brunch/lunch/linner/dinner was, and then he will tell me how funny the monkeys are, and then he will tell me how cool the tv is, and then he will tell me that I'm not paying enough attention to him, and then he will tell me he is tired, and then he will tell me he is really really tired. And then he sleeps and we start over again. I can't believe that I could have so much fun doing this same thing over and over again, but I do.

We go to stores together, we go to Kyli's together, we go on walks and to church activities. He is so happy to go out and see new things. I love it. The biggest change for this month is his ability to be cool in all sorts of situations. Chillin in the carseat while I walk around the mall for a few hours, or chillin with me at the mother's group I go to sometimes. I can go to target nearly when ever I want. I don't really know what to do with all this new freedom!

I think Brian is enjoying this stage too. He can get Brad to smile and giggle just by looking at him. I'm sure it helps that Bradley knows a session of "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" is in his future every time he sees Dad. Brian has a talent for making him giggle.

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Heidi and Deric Ence said...

I'm sorry I bugged you about posting. But LOOK at all the fun things we are now getting to enjoy with you! You have such a special and ADORABLE little family! I love you guys and I'm so excited and happy that already have a little jabber box. Maybe he got some Heidi jeans in there!