Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth Weekend!

Apparently we live really close to this huge lake. The map makes it look deceivingly far away, like at least 30 min or so. And I guess it is such a big lake that you could take awhile getting around to the other side.... or you could drive up the road, turn right, turn left and just go play in the lake.

So, on the third, we packed lunch, took the dog and some towels, and drove the under 10 min drive to go play in the lake for a few hours. It was so much fun!
Portland is a big wimp though, and wouldn't venture in very deep. Brian had to pick her up and walk her out to the deep water so we could see her swim. She was not happy about this the first or second time it happened. Otherwise, Brian and I had fun swimming in the warm lake, eating our picnic, and taking a walk around the little park.

The fourth was full with exhausting social events. I say exhausting because it literally took me till Tuesday to recover my energy after all the fun.
We spent the majority of the day doing chores around the house- Brian cleaned the fridge!!!! Later that night we went to a BBQ with friends of approximately our age. In any other ward I would consider most of the people there "older" than me only because there would in fact be other young couples equal to my age. But since no other such couple exists in this ward, the people we hang out with are close to our age, but beat us by two kids. It was fun to talk and watch the kids run around like monkeys.

Our second social event was Fireworks at the Depew Farm. This was also a fun event, but with less talking and more explosions. Someone threw down for some pretty impressive, slightly illegal, fireworks. It was fun, it has been a few years since we have experience fireworks first hand.

The last part of our Fourth weekend was spent preparing a Family Home Evening lesson.
Normally yes, you just have FHE on Monday night with your own family. Scripture reading, lesson, games, dessert, and what have-you are all done with your own family. But our ward has put together a few groups of Family FHE's both so we can get to know the other families in the ward, and so that investigators can come and see what real weirdos mormons are. Who gets together every monday night, learns a "lesson," sings songs and plays a game? Mormons, duh. Now we have lots of families in one small room, with the Sister Missionaries and an investigator or two who is either highly amused by the antics, or still confused about why they are there. Either way, it is entertaining.

This was the first FHE lesson that Brian and I were in charge of. So we had to take most of sunday planning our game. Who cares about the lesson, we all know the game determines how awesome or lame an FHE is. If you didn't know it, Brian is really good at teaching. So he came up with a lesson on Temples and making our homes more like temples. Half taken from the lesson he taught in Sunday School that day.

I pretty much think this is the coolest game ever. "The Game of Life Mormon Style" is shockingly similar to the game, "The Game of Life." But instead of going to college or choosing a career, you choose to go on a mission or get married. You collect mini Books of Mormon along the way when you land on yellow squares, blue squares and every kid you collect (12 possible) is also worth a BOM. Person with the most BOMs wins! Pretty much the best game ever.

Okay so this happened two weeks ago, but Brian won "Best Nut Pie" in our ward's pie contest: So You Think You Can Bake. I'm so proud, he is the best.

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Ashley Fulkerson said...

Steph, sounds like you guys had a super fun 4th. How fun to go to the lake. I wish I could have seen Portland chicken out in the water. (none of your pictures are showing up...I want to see brians pie:)