Monday, July 13, 2009


Let me start by saying that blogger has to have the absolute worst GUI for uploading images. Please enjoy the pictures, because they took me a better part of a half hour to upload.
In the past months, Steph and I have been told literally 100's of times, "Make sure you take a vacation, because you'll never get to again after the baby comes." While I'm confident that Steph and I will find a way to take vacations post-baby (since we love getting away), it will be a long time before we can enjoy a private couples get away again. Certainly, our days of eating in nice resturants and swimming far into the ocean together are numbered for a while.
So... we took a trip the Florida panhandle. We started our trip in Pensacola. Really, the only reason we went to Pensacola was so I could go to the Nationa Naval Avation Air Museum. It was trully amazing. One of the best air museums I've ever been to.
Me in front of the F-18 on a stick in front of the museum.

Us in front of an old Blue Angle A-4

While on the Navy base, we also climbed around the old Spanish fort, Barrancas.

We also drove out Pensacola beach and enjoyed the beautiful water.
To our surprise, the Blue Angles were practicing the upcoming airshow out on the beach. So we sat back on the beach, had some lunch, and watched F-18's scream overhead.
Fat Albert, the C-130 that travels with Blue's kicked things off.
F-18's are so cool!
After a couple of nights in Pensacola, we set off down the coast to Destin for some fun on the beach.

We went to the local aquirum, which had some fun Sea Lion and Dolfin shows.

We ate a lot of good seafood next to the ocean!

Our pretty hotel. We stayed in the uglier building not shown in this picture. :-)

Oh, and we visited one more air museum! The air force's armament museum at Eglin Air Force base. I have a very patient wife.

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julietk said...

Hi I just came across your blog. Those airplanes must be awesome up close, we live 3 miles from the Imperial war museum in London and I always enjoy going there to kill a few hours. HAHa did I say kill a few hours at the war museum !
sorry excuse my bad sense of humour.
:-) Juliet