Monday, July 20, 2009

Fresh Paint

Ever since we moved in and started changing the house to fit our style I find it very hard to actually make decisions. Partly because really cool stuff is expensive and I know that when I do purchase something it will be a while before I can purchase something else. Which is why we have chosen to do lots of things our self.
For instance, a month or so after we moved in we purchased a king size mattress with the idea that we would make the bed frame and headboard our self. While this did save us lots of money, I think we spent under $100 total, it took lots of time and many iterations. But I must say the final product is beautiful and worth it.
Painting is another thing we like to do ourselves. We like color and lots of it. Those who lived here before us like the same yellow color for pretty much everything. So we feel the need to paint most everything. So far we have the kitchen, family room, living room, stairway, hallway and now master bedroom done! I only have the bathroom and baby's room left on my "must finish before baby comes" list.

I found this pic online and liked the idea. Cool huh. I think our bedroom turned out very well.

Inspiration Pic

My secret to super crisp lines... Acrylic Gel Medium. You put on the edges of the tape and it seals in the cracks. It is cheap, and literally guarantees crisp lines.

Done! We have a bed frame! We have a headboard! And we have stripes on the wall!! Brian did a great job with the bed frame and headboard. I did the stripes on the wall, but he helped me finish painting the rest of the room. I only have the bathroom and baby's room to go before the baby comes. Then my nesting will be complete. I don't really think it is nesting though, just procrastination till now. Now I just need window treatments, nice lamps, and some artwork for the walls. Oh and I may re-furnish the furniture not in the picture.


Amanda said...

You've still done way more for your house than ours. We got new couches and a big area rug. Right now, we're saving up to landscape the backyard. I'm pretty sure we'll procrastinate painting until the very last.

Macon Family said...

It looks great! I really like the colors too!

Shawna said...

I love the stripes! Keep the updates coming, I'll need good ideas for when(ever) I get to decorate my house.

Ashley Fulkerson said...

Steph that looks amazing! You have such a talent. Your home is beautiful! I love it, I love it, I love it!!!

Kyli said...

Okay, you are just one talented Chica! I love it! It's not at all what I was picturing. What a fun you! :)

Vanessa said...

Ever since you posted this, I've wanted to make our own headboard. We have a metal frame for the bed, just not a headboard or footboard. So, if you have time in your busy new mom life, could you tell me what materials you used and how you put it together? I hope it's not to difficult to explain. I don't want to take too much of your time. I just love the way it turned out though. My email address is