Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Graduation!

Brian's Graduation Gift:

The Volvo V50... nice

blue = new car, red = old car

I get the feeling we are going to be one of those Volvo families.

Luckily for me, Brian seems to think I will get to drive it around most of the time. Woo hoo! I'll have to drive the pup, run errands, and run kids around (someday), so I guess it makes sense. I'm not complaining!

We definitely need to say a big THANK YOU! to the Saponases. I don't know where we would be without their love, support and generosity. I am really a lucky lucky wife to have such great in-laws.

Portland says thank you too!


Marcene said...

Your new car looks so spacious. Oh and the bugs are horrible, I sure am glad I haven't run into the one in your picture because I would probably have a heart attack.

Heidi Anne Ence said...

Steph your new car is... wow. You are one lucky chick. And you will get to be the cool mom driving around that car! Jealous....

Ashley Fulkerson said...

I love the car Steph!!! It looks so fancy. I'm sure you love driving it around and I'm sure Portland loves riding in it with you.