Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Couches and puppies

We have a couch!! Our things FINALLY came a few days ago, and I am happy to say our couch made the trip. I never thought I would miss sitting on a couch, let alone our current couch, but I did. After a few weeks of only sitting on beds, in cars, on an air mattress, on the floor and on our new dinning room chairs... I really missed my couch.

I missed our other stuff too: tv, dvds, cooking stuff, alarm clocks, towls, pillows, lots of stuff. But it was worth it! We are here, our stuff is here, and our pup is here. I can't complain.

Things are going well with Portland. She of course is a trouble maker, but we seem to be making progress with her. She has come to accumulate quite a few nicknames, depending on what she has done:

Chewy (Chewbacca)= relentlessly chewing on anything she sees
Rat or Brat = just stole a sock from the laundry
Velociraptor = just bit brian's nose, again
Monkey or Stinky = just farted, again
Missy, Little Miss, or Doodle Bug = caught doing something bad, but looks too cute to be mad at
Lovey = looks cute when sleeping or tired

Despite all those, she really is good, and really is smart. Too smart, but luckily very motivated by food. She can sit, stay (sorta), down, leave it, and come to her name with a treat in your hand, and 40% with out a treat. If she was caught chewing on something we can't move, like the carpet, or corners, she will take one of her chewy toys over to the crime scene and pretend to chew on her toy while she sneaks in carpet chews

Brian also wants me to mention that we made the most amazing fries today, thank you scott for the deep-fryer. We are probably going to buy more potatoes tonight and make more fries for tomorrow.

She always looks like a goof ball when I take her picture!

No matter which tenticle she gets the other 7 still seem to bop her on her nose

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