Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So before I came here, I asked everyone who had ever had Southern experience to tell me about the bugs, because I wanted to be mentally prepared. Most people said something about cockroaches or about mosquitoes, but that it wasn't anything to be too wary of. Well this is neither a cockroach or a mosquito (though I have bites up both arms from taking the pup out at night).

EWWWWWW! How many legs do you need, really?

Luckily brian was there to dispose of it. A three foot metal ruler, then a handful of paper towls, put inside a paper bag, and the creature was disposed of.

Other than the bugs, Portland seems to keep us on our toes. What a handful! She definatly loves to play, to herd, and to chew! I just keep reminding myself that all puppies do.


Tyler Ball said...

wow, that thing was freaky! (the bug, not the dog)

Heidi Anne Ence said...

I love your dog! I love the one picture you have of her looking up at you like "how could you ever be mad at cute little me?" haha.

Matt said...

seriously, we've had all kinds of crazy bugs and spiders here too! All things that creepeth need to stay away from our home.