Monday, July 14, 2008

Bedtime Strategies

Day 1 Bedtime Strategy- This did not prove tiring enough.

Day 2 Bedtime Strategy- This approach worked much better.

I don't know what the extra clicks and bangs are in both movies. We just used the video setting on our point-and-shoot, so it isn't that high quality or anything.


Jasmine said...

Hi Brian and Stephanie,
What a darling dog you have!!!! I love that you picked another geographical name for her - do you think there will be a "Colorado" in you Mom and Dad's future :-). Smart of you to figure out that tiring her out before bed is a good idea - a tired dog is a happy dog - and that leads to parents that get to sleep thru the night! Enjoy your puppy - she looks like a lot of fun.

Heidi Anne Ence said...

Steph and Brian! Your dog is SO cute! She is so spunky and I bet she just loves having you two for puppy parents. That is one lucky dog. So cute! Do you want to switch for awhile? =)

Amanda said...

Someone has to say it... this will be good practice for when you have a kid and don't sleep for 6 weeks.