Sunday, August 28, 2011

Little Places

When Bradley was just a little thing I used to ponder the little places that my life seemed to revolve around. The crib, the swing, the jungle gym, the bouncer, and my all time fave- the blanket on the floor. All these little places that I would hover over, fill with little toys, sing songs, and cry around. We would spend most of his waking moments cuddled together on his jungle gym or a small blanket with a few toys and diaper scattered around us. Life was so simple... and tiring.

He loved laying under his little baby jungle gym and watching the stuffed animals sway above his head.

I can remember waking up around 5:45 am one morning and putting him in his little jungle gym and laying on the floor next to him. I love that little jungle gym, and have explored it from many angles.

I can remember moving his bouncer from room to room as I cleaned up. I would even put it in front of the shower door and bring a plastic hanger in the shower so I could still bounce the darn thing a few times while I showered.

I just love this picture. Sleeping so sweetly - which never happened- with his dragon watching by.
We would make the neatest little play areas with all sorts of fun things to grab at!

Now we play in big spaces. Huge! My whole house can't contain Bradley and his love to explore. I miss the little places.

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Heidi Ence said...

I've never seen any of these pictures! Oh he is so cute! I miss tiny Bradley! I miss little spaces too sometimes. Cute cute.