Monday, August 8, 2011

Birth Certified

I'm a slacker. I still don't have a copy of Bradley's birth certificate and he is nearly 2 now.
The hospital didn't even give us a cute non-official version with the hand prints! They gave us a paper that said we could order one for a fee in a few weeks. I figured I wait a few weeks and do it. Then a few months later I got around to reading the form. It is a badly photocopied version of some hospital form for the Georgia Department of Human resources. The first and second page are badly photocopied and talk about two ways to submit the form, and requires that you get a certified check. Sooo I put it off a few more times.

After re-reading it for the 10th time I'm still pretty unclear what my total amount for the certified check should be, and if I should mail it in with a copy of my license, do I add shipping to my certified check and how much should I add, or can I "go in" with a copy of my license and request it, and where exactly is this place that you can "go in"?????

I thought, "Darn it! I'll just google the **** thing!"

So within in 10 minutes I was on a recommended website filling out info to request a copy (the website was recommended by the GA Department of Public Health, so I thought it was legit). There was a $9 fee for the website, in addition to the normal finders fee and shipping fees, but it is allllllll done. Way worth $9. Maybe worth the $20 they make you pay for shipping. At least it is done.


Audrey said...

That's kind of weird. With both of my girls, I filled out the forms while I was still in the hospital and within a couple of weeks I got their birth certificates and SS cards in the mail. I don't think I paid any fees for them.

Heidi Ence said...

Ditto. But at least you got it done!

Jubilation Studios said...

Yea, that isn't how it works in GA. They told us a number of times we would have to request a birth certificate in a few weeks. The paper that came with the form even said don't try for two weeks.
It was way more expensive to do it online than just fill out the paper and pay the fees. But really, it was rediculously confusing and didn't even include a clear address of where to send payments or requests.