Sunday, June 5, 2011

Big Swimer

We went swimming three times this week!!! Brad thinks he is ready to swim on his own. We went swimming with some friends and as soon as Brad saw the other kids swimming on their own he was pretty sure he could too. 

Last year we made it to the pool a handful of times, and Brad was only semi interested. He sat on his pool floaty duck and splashed a little.

This is Brad one year-ish ago! Cute suit, little swimmer.

Look at my big boy swimmer!! Can you believe he still fits in that same suit! I know it was huge on him last year, but this year it fits perfectly! Now I need to find one of those kid life vests and some water wings and this kid really will be able to swim on his own!!

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Karla said...

He looks so big, I know it is a comparison of a year, but it might also be the hair, it makes him look older with longer hair, but he is getting even more handsome by the minute.